10 Things I Love Sunday

I think I can basically hear the sleigh bells today as we are so close to Christmas! It’s been such a busy season for us the first half of December, so it’s been my main goal last week and this week to slow down a lot and really soak in all the atmosphere and appreciate the little things. We’ve been using that pocket countdown calendar this year and it’s just too cute …

1. Probably my favorite Christmas item to get out year after year!

2. If you missed my bathroom renovation reveal last week, it is for sure a favorite thing in the house! The before and after is so crazy to me, it feels like I’m still in the wrong house at times!

3. I love simple necklace layering sets like these—they go with everything!

4. I was telling my sister-in-law how Lola is obsessed with trying to get to our phones so she can take photos with the camera. They got her a digital toddler camera for Christmas and I think Lola is going to freak out. She doesn’t really have a concept of wanting to do anything with the photos yet (like print them out, etc.), so just being able to push buttons and see the photo appear on the screen is really her favorite part of it all …

5. I am pretty desperate to have a more organized fridge and freezer in 2020, so maybe these would be a good start?

6. Sweetest little handmade mittens.

7. Todd and I are planning a little daytime “Christmas date” this week while Lola is at her playtime group and I’m excited! It’s been a while since we’ve been on a date, just the two of us and daytime dates feel extra rare, so we’ll have to think of something good to do. My vote includes coffee and waffles and I think Todd will be just fine with that …

8. This has always been one of my favorite meals to eat and it sounds so good on a cold winter night—going on my grocery list this week.

9. These are great to keep my hair back while I wash my face at night.

10. Lola thinks it’s so cool to get those squeeze pouches of applesauce on occasion, so I may try these so we can have a reusable option to pack into her daycare lunches.

It feels crazy to think that 2019 is almost over, but I want to sit down this week and make a little list of resolutions to help make life happier and healthier in 2020. I think right now organizing our basement is the biggest item on that list though and I’ve definitely been avoiding that one for a while now! Hope your holidays are cozy and bright! xo. Laura

  • We got those same little pouches when our dude (about to turn 4 on 12/29 – GASP!) first started eating homemade purees, applesauce, yogurt, etc. We found that they were a BEAST to keep clean. Food would get stuck all around the interior seamed edge, and we had to clean them so meticulously with tee-tiny scrubber tools. Fat hands holding tee-tiny tools in small pouches? No thanks! We eventually opted for the more expensive Squeasy Snacker brand, and we have 1000 percent ZERO regrets! They’re sturdy, we pour into them straight from the blender, the pieces all come apart so there’s no weird/unreachable crevices, and they’re made of silicone so you can turn them inside-out! Beautiful! I can’t recommend them more highly! Yes, they’re kind of pricey, but we use them every single day for homemade smoothies, and they’ve lasted extremely durably for about three years already! Get em’!

  • It is so crazy that Christmas is almost here! I hope you have the best Christmas with your family! 🙂 Your bathroom renovation is beyond gorgeous!!


  • Those reuseable food pouches are amazing. I have a 20 month old and a 6 month old and I use them to both freeze baby food and make apple sauce snacks. They don’t break up anf stand up well in the freezer and dishwasher.

  • Love the links! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! 🙂

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