10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy New Year! While I have had “wild” New Year’s Eve’s out and about in the past, this one was definitely more tame with a pizza and some Netflix with Todd at home. But that’s honestly one of my favorite activity combos in the world, so I was totally fine with it! We spent a good portion of the evening reminiscing about past NYE and what we did and who we spent them with, so that was fun to compare different years through the ages. Lola and I were wearing some disco ball crowns (similar ones here) from my party stash that day and she liked them so much she wanted us to keep them on in the grocery store—and we did!!

1. I bought these molds to make homemade orange gummy bears this week and they turned out so cute! I think I’m going to buy some orange oil to add to the next batch to make them a little more punchy on the flavor side, but Lola was so thrilled to make gummy bears and I can also make them into extra healthy ones with vitamin C or elderberry or things like that over the winter (here’s a good immune boosting recipe as well).

2. If I was going on a warm destination vacay this winter, these would be amazing!!

3. This is such a fascinating idea to do as you start the new year (she has ones you can fill out for different people in your life like a parent, which make great Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts).

4. Our new velvet blush sleeper sofa is a dream and it makes me so happy every time I walk into our front room.

5. Oh man, definitely a splurge item but I love this bag!

6. Love that these shoes are made entirely from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials—so cool!

7. Elsie and Keely were telling me how amazing this lip care kit was and they were right! It has definitely improved the softness and smoothness of my lips and I’ve only been using it for about a week. I also love using it after my lip scrub for an extra soft lip.

8. Best. Kid. Shirt. EVER!

9. Todd and I have been binging the second season of Good Girls this week on Netflix and it’s such a good show! Based on the three main character choices I feel like I’m watching a world where Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, and Mad Men all exist at the same time, but it’s got an interesting plotline and it keeps you guessing what will happen next!

10. If you are thinking about ways you can get organized this year, I would highly recommend getting a label maker to use in the process (I have this one). We are in the process of organizing our disaster of a storage basement and it’s already been so useful as I put the Christmas decorations away. I marked each bin, top and sides, with the contents so I wouldn’t have to root through all the bins next year to find out which is which. I also use it to label DIY beauty products and essential oil blends so I know what’s what as well.

So far I’m excited to see what 2020 will bring us and I love watching Lola grow day by day (even though it’s going way too fast!) and I know this will be a big year for all she’s learning in that smart little brain of hers. Hope this is your best year yet! xo. Laura

  • lola is so cute!
    re #3: we bought my MIL one designed for grandparents to write to their grandchildren (she’s a new granny)! seems like a great idea and i wish i had some from my own
    love #6!
    re #10: ideas for organizing this way https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/12/0053-wedding.html
    i love using washi tape to label things / am also tackling a crazy storage area (aka bedroom lol)

  • Thanks for sharing this, Laura. The gummy bear molds just gave me the inspiration to add a little bit of a personal touch to my (January) friend’s birthday. In the nick of time, too! The lip kit has also caught my attention–this year my resolution is to practice a little budget-friendly self-care, something I’m notoriously bad at. Happy New Year to you and evryone at ABM.


  • Such a cute photo! These are some great picks! The revolve palm tree earrings are SO amazing! Need!!

    Georgia Rose | http;//www.justgeorgiarose.com

  • I am so gonna need that kid shirt in a 3T for my little one. Love it. She has a leather mini skirt she can pair it with! Thanks for sharing!

  • Aww, such a cute picture! Happy new year! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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