10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! This is the time of year that kicks my ass in terms of seasonal blues, so I am glad I have a lot of projects going on to keep me busy and inspired!

1. I ordered a set of these for Nova’s bedroom. They are so creative and I love that they are handmade!

2. I just got this sweatshirt and it’s so comfy.

3. These are the best Easter baskets.

4. I’m so happy when I find our girls a cool band tee—and this Daniel Johnston tee is so cute for Marigold!

5. This coffee mug is SO cute!

6. Cute pastel hair clips (my kids think they are toys!)

7. You know what is fun to shop for on Etsy? Sage smudge bundles (like white sage with rose petals and cedar and white sage). I’ve been collecting some in anticipation of our upcoming move.

8. Rainbow Vans for kiddos! I’m still getting used to how often our kids need new clothing and shoes (ughhhh)—but oh well, I will gladly order these for spring/summer because *rainbows*.

9. This is for sure my favorite sustainable dress brand. I’d love to hear suggestions for other sustainable brands. I have struggled a bit to find brands that align with my style. Let me know if you have any favorites!

10. I’m in love with this vintage rug, but I don’t need it so maybe you do?

xx. Elsie

P.S. I recently posted Marigold’s adoption story. 🙂

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