10 Things I Love Sunday

It’s Sunday, right? Hope your weekend is treating you well. Here are 10 things I’m into right now:

1. Have you listened to Brene Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us, yet? The quote above is from her episode on Comparative Suffering. I jotted it down while I was listening because it struck me as something I think we all need to remember and live by right now (in real life and online).

2. If you listened to our first ever mini episode of the ABM podcast, then you know I stocked up on library books before we started sheltering in place and they closed. I am still working through some of those, but next up on my list (once I’m done with what I already have) is Permanent Record. I loved Emergency Contact, which is by the same author.

3. Been printing photos to mail my grandma’s as they are stuck at home and bored like many of us, except they don’t have social media. I have this printer—and have used it for years and love it.

4-5. Like everyone else, I’ve been cooking at home a lot. I am excited to try this chickpea curry soon, as well as this cranberry quick bread. Yum!

6. Super inspired by this artist. I especially love her landscapes, they are almost like abstracts in a way and I just love them.

7. This before and after is AMAZING.

8. Love all the new tee designs at Hello Apparel, living room casual is probably my favorite.

9. I’m a candle person and one of my favorite companies is Wax Buffalo and I just saw they have candles based on your Enneagram number. What?!

10. Love this dress, and I generally love Dalmatian print. I am trying to buy less things in leopard print, as I already have a LOT. I guess my aesthetic is a little bit Carole Baskin. #tigerking

Hope you all are doing OK. Feels like this month is lasting a looooooong time, but I am thankful for the longer sunlight hours and warmer days. Love you and hope you stay safe! xo. Emma

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