10 Things I Love Sunday

This is a photo from Joshua Tree when I visited with my husband and friends well over a year ago. That was fun. Can’t wait to travel again. Just daydreaming over here—and no, it’s not actually pink like it looks here. That’s a combination of the lighting and I also used a preset from the Superbloom set. We have a lot of beautiful presents for sale made from a lot of talented photographers. Lately I’ve been loving this pack and Habitat. And I especially love playing with the sliders on the shop pages—random but so fun!

-Lots of new books coming out I’m excited about including All Adults Here by Emma Straub and Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. Love both these authors and can’t wait to read these! Just learned Emma Straub has a book store in Brooklyn! You can order online, and I am SO excited to visit one day.

-Recently binge watched Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, and wished I read the book first (simply because I really liked it). It was excellent! Epic performances, although the story is quite sad. I am now very excited to read something by Celeste Ng since the series is based on her book.

-I have recently become obsessed with Foods of Jane. Made her Detroit-style pizza last week and it was delicious.

-Trying out Drunk Elephant retinol cream. No review yet, as I just started using it a little over a week ago. But I’ve heard so many good things about this brand and just hadn’t tried it yet.

-I use this notepad to get organized for work AND fun projects every week. Been using it for more than a year and love it. I always buy two when I purchase—just FYI (sucks when you run out unexpectedly).

-I have a growing collection of handmade mugs and I LOVE picking one out every morning when I make coffee. It’s the little things, right? I have a mug from Zziee Ceramics, Not Work Related, and also a few from Freckled Pottery.

-And, speaking of cute handmade ceramics, I also have a growing collection of earrings from this Etsy seller. Love them all so much!

Hope you all are having a good weekend filled with whatever you need. Time to clean. Time to read. Cookie baking. A long walk alone. Hope you make a little happiness for yourself this weekend. Sending love, Emma

  • That photo of Joshua Tree is gorgeous. Any chance you’d provide the image so I could frame it in our house? 😀

  • Oh yes, I just got Big Summer on Kindle through my library (it said there was going to be a six-month wait but I guess they must have bought more copies!). I haven’t read Little Fires Everywhere but I really enjoyed Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng. Happy reading!!

  • I love that picture from the Joshua Tree Park! I’ve always wanted to go there.

  • Maybe it’s all this staying home but I cannot stop shopping for ceramics lately! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

  • Hi, Emma. I’m curious about your decision to refer to Little Fires Everywhere as “quite sad” instead of a perhaps a remark about its crucial commentary on the danger of nuanced racism that is alive and thriving. Maybe consider illuminating or vital instead? I’m also curious about the book links to Amazon when so many small bookstores are in danger and are shipping all over the country, including Emma Straub’s Books are Magic in Brooklyn.

    • I didn’t realize Emma Straub has a book store. So cool! Thank you for telling me. I’ve linked it above.

      There are many words you could use to describe Little Fires Everywhere, there is a LOT to unpack with the story and all the themes it hits on. The one that happened to stand out the most to me was the heartbreak around motherhood. That’s not to say there are not other important themes in the series, that was simply the one that effected me the most.

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