10 Things I Love Sunday

I’m a pretty extroverted person, so social distancing is really starting to take its toll on me. I just miss my people! I’ve been trying to do little things here and there to cheer myself up and have been doing a lot of window shopping, lol. Here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

1. I’ve been in the initial stages of designing my office and I’m so excited about it. Some of my favorite inspiration can be found here and here. Definitely loving some iteration of light blue and natural wood tones. Something calm and zen.

2. That being said, this amazing credenza is my dream!

3. What I ended up getting is this much more budget-friendly (but still very cute) storage cabinet. : )

4. I just grabbed this vase for some pampas grass and it’s so pretty. I actually spray painted the pampas grass blush and lavender—I thought it would get crunchy/stuck together, but it looks so cute and adds some color to our guest bedroom.

5. This retro floral loungewear: here’s the top and bottom.

6. A super pretty sea glass vintage-inspired baking pan.

7. I discovered these at the beginning of social distancing and they’ve become my new best friend, haha.

8. Super cute denim jumpsuit with a sweet ruffle detail.

9. I’m so excited to open the PRINT SHOP so soon! We’ve been working day and night behind the scenes to make it happen and it’s going to be so fun.

10. This setting spray from one of my favorite drag queens is so good. Bonus, the packaging is adorable.

I hope your weekend has been, in the words of Michael Scott, “A++” and that you are staying safe and healthy!

xo Keely

  • “from one of my favorite drag queens” and the michael scott quote made me SOOO HAPPY! lol! thanks for the great round-up! <3

  • I’m mostly introverted and homebody so social distancing and working from home for the last 9 weeks has been a dream come true for me 😀 I’m also very “mentally healthy” meaning I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression or stress in general (I’m super chill and generally happy all the time) which I sometimes have to tone down because my spouse is the opposite and he’s been feeling the anxiety a lot (also he’s essential services so, very busy). I cannot imagine how hare it must be for people who are very social or experience mental illness or anxiety and stress and suddenly find themselves stuck at home without their coping mechanisms or helpful social interactions. So hang in there to all and keep safe, read some blogposts 🙂

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