10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend! May is a fun month for us since we have all of our birthdays in May (and Lola and I actually share a birthday too!), so we did the best we could to have some special birthdays at home—balloon arch and all! It was nice to have a reason to celebrate something and even though this was going to be the first year we had a real birthday party for Lola (waaaahh!) Todd said that we probably had some of the better birthdays even with the current circumstances, so I guess we made the most of it! Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

1. These precious mommy + me summer dresses (this is mine and this is Lola’s dress)

2. Some summer flower power.

3. Like a lot of you, I’ve been buying groceries online lately, and one upside is that we’ve found some new treats that have become our favorites! I got these for Lola to have a secretly healthy snack on hand, and these are my special treat that I’ve banned anyone else from eating—they are too good to share!! Also, these have become a family favorite of all of us … I have to buy 2-3 bags at a time just to keep some around for me to get some too!

4. SO in love with these!

5. Started using this at night before I crawl into bed and it’s so hydrating!

6. Been wanting to get one of these for a long while and I finally did! It’s SO beautiful.

7. My favorite thing right now is that I’ve been watching the new season of The Bachelor where they are all musicians (it’s way more interesting to me than the normal seasons) and even though Todd hates that kind of stuff, he still agrees to watch it with me every week because that’s just not the kind of show that’s as fun to watch alone, and I love to get his musician insights into everything. Like for example, he points out things like how they are “obviously” padding the applause in the club the contestants are performing in because that’s not what that amount of people in a room like that would sound like. And he would know!! Gold. Solid gold.

8. Anyone else living in these lately?

9. If we are going to be cooking at home so much, I might as well cook in this cutie (and I love that it matches my favorite potholder set).

10. So curious about these! I know friends that use them and love them … anyone else think they are great?

Since Lola got a little spoiled with presents from us and family and friends this birthday, it’s been nice to have some new things to play with around the house to change things up a bit (this bubble camera her daycare teacher got her was a toddler hit!). Getting our inflatable pools in order for some summer fun and I’m glad I snagged this last year too … it’s gonna be a backyard summer, I guess! xo. Laura

  • YES YES YES to the makeup towel/eraser thing! I got some about ten years ago and have been obsessed ever since. I get them for any girl I buy a gift for, were bridesmaids gifts, take-home gifts for bridal/baby showers I’ve hosted, etc. Seriously work so well. I’m allergic to almost all face washes/serums/creams so I just use them with water or micellar water and it takes everything off.

  • I use the NorWex Body Cloths to remove my makeup. 🙂

    Lola is adorable.

  • I wish all the links didnt just say ‘these and this’, it would be much more helpful if you could tell what the 10 things were

  • Lola and you look so cute on your matching dresses! And the blue mules you tagged on this article are sooooo beautiful! I need one of those in my wardrobe!


    Curly Style – Waterdrop

  • I am not a fan of bike short but definitely living in leggings right now..! And American Eagle ones are amazing quality !



  • The Makeup Eraser is good, but the Halo Beauty remover pads are much much better. I think I got a three pack for $22 on Amazon.

  • Make up erasers are amazing! They seem too good to be true but they work like magic! They get my waterproof mascara off better than any make up remover I’ve tried.

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