10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! I’m in such a strange headspace because I am fully enjoying summer and also fully anxious for autumn (and all things Halloween). That’s really nothing new. I think that with all that 2020 has thrown our way, so many of us are more excited for the cozy seasons and the holidays than ever. I personally feel that with so many of my usual time markers gone (such as travel, retail experiences, etc.), I’m living in multiple seasons at once. It’s all good though … I’m embracing it!

Anyway, since we have moved a few weeks back, I am still VERY much in the phase of being overwhelmed, excited, and just taking it all in. I constantly just walk around and stare at rooms. I said to Nova the other day, “Let’s talk about how we can decorate your bedroom” and she said to me, “MAMA—you always want to talk about that EVERY day.” Hahahaha. She’s not wrong.

1. I just got this Nashville sweatshirt and I’m absolutely living in it. It’s so soft and cozy.

2. I’m really feeling these high top Converse for fall! This bright orange pair, too.

3. I ordered this tiny mini fridge to keep skincare stuff in. I guess it’s kind of silly, but I saw some people doing it on IG and it looked like fun. Plus, I LOVE a cold face mask and chilled jade roller.

4. This T-shirt is my most recent Etsy purchase.

5. Planning to make these cheddar buns soon.

6. I really enjoy reading these pantry profiles on Pineapple Collaborative’s site. Do you love looking into other people’s pantries as much as I do?

7. We’ve been watching Search Party and it’s SO GOOD. Like soooo good. I think the one good thing about a lot of my favorite shows being on hold (and basically no movies coming out) is that we’ve been watching a lot of stuff that’s already out and discovering some gems like this show. I really love that!

8. BLK & Bold is the BEST coffee we’ve ever had. We got a bag in a media gift and then immediately ordered like four more bags. If you like strong, bold coffee, I highly recommend it!

9. I started listening to Rosemary’s Baby, which, if you didn’t know, Mia Farrow reads the audiobook and it’s so nice! I’ve been listening while organizing my closet.

10. I got these pink Dr. Martens boots for fall and even though I only leave my house about once or twice a week, I guarantee I will wear them almost every time. They’re so nostalgic to me because I had these boots in junior high. I’m so happy to be old enough to wear a TOTAL throwback like this, but also not feeling “too old” to wear them. This is a strange pride point for me … and just one more step on my journey to become a crazy/fun dressed grandma. WOO!

Emotionally, I’ve been all over the place. Highs and lows. I haven’t been going to therapy since March, but I made an appointment this past week and I’m excited to get back into the groove of regular sessions. I just wanted to share that in case someone else had been putting it off like I had. 2020 is not normal, but there’s still a lot to celebrate and enjoy—especially family time.

I’m sending love to all of you! Thanks so much for reading! Elsie

  • Please reconsider the bathroom mini fridge— very environmentally unfriendly in how unnecessary an extra appliance that is. You can have cold products- just put them in your regular fridge

  • I have a mini fridge like that! It’s pastel pink, and it can heat up and cool down, which is really cool – but I mostly bought mine for storage. I keep some baking items in it, sprinkles and such. It goes with my other baking items really well. My ideal pastel kitchen dream is slowly coming true! ?

  • Elsie &Emma,

    Happy 50th podcast! Each episode is just more and more delightful to me as you go! This week, I’m dreaming about a pool. I’ve been wanting one my whole life and I’m curious about what a four-season pool is made of. Is it the gunite type, (sprayed concrete) a fiberglass type, or does it have a replaceable liner? I’m getting very serious about making my dream come true to have a pool and the halloween and snow pool scene would be magical!
    Suzanne Jones

  • OMG, I just bought that same fridge for the same reason — only in pink! We came home and it was on our porch and my husband was all “A mini-fridge? Why?” And I explained it extends the life of vitamin C creams and stuff like that, and he asked “Where are you going to put it?” The master bathroom answer sort of blew his mind. 🙂

  • I’ve made those cheddar buns before, you wont regret it!!!!! I had to share with my neighbors so I wouldn’t eat them all. 🙂

  • I don’t think you can have too many Converse, can you? Hope the therapy continues to help too. Best wishes, P.

  • Wooo for therapy!! My 2020 hero. Also I’m totally living in multiple seasons right now too – I have never started Christmas shopping so early before lol.

    • Haha- I already bought a few holiday gifts too… glad I’m not alone. 🙂

  • I love your beautiful pool! Can you do a post or IG story about safety with the kids? I don’t see a fence but I’m thinking you probably have one.

    • Hi! We’re having a fence installed, yes. :)) Our kids are also in safety swimming lessons. I don’t feel like an expert enough to write a safety post, but from what I’ve researched I would say that for our kids ages the safety swimming classes and fence are essential. xx

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