10 Things I Love Sunday

I hope the start to your October has been amazing! I’m loving cozying up with a candle and a good movie. Here are 10 things that I’ve been loving lately …

This pumpkin sheet cake from A Cozy Kitchen is nothing short of miraculous—the brown butter frosting might be my favorite thing I’ve ever made … ever! I made this cake for some friends who had just had a baby and it was a huge hit. The recipe I included in the link is the “mini” version, but there is a full sheet version on the website as well!

This Dwight Schrute pumpkin head sweatshirt. An iconic moment of The Office immortalized on fleece! “I mean the pumpkin should rot off in a month or two, right?”

I’ve been looking for a minimalist necklace stand for a while now and this one is perfect. Currently, all the necklaces I wear most often are just laid carefully on a jewelry dish. Not very pretty to look at and they still always manage to tangle, so this is the perfect solution.

Another thing I have loved making through the seasons are the cookies from Cookie Class by Jenny Keller of @jennycookies! I just made my Halloween batch when my sister was in town last weekend and we had the best time decorating them. She is also gluten-free so I made the sugar cookie recipe with Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour and they turned out amazing. I think the royal icing cookies are INCREDIBLE, but if you’re not looking to put in that kind of time and skill level, the buttercream cookies are perfect— which is what the Jenny Cookies are.

Speaking of my sister, she brought me the cutest gift—a mask chain from where she works as a chain-stitch embroiderer @daily_disco! This little chain is so convenient and it comes with adapters to be a glasses chain when the pandemic is over.

Wanting a little Halloween candy fix but trying to avoid the sugar high? I love these Smart Sweets. They taste great and are only 3 grams of sugar per bag. They come in lots of different flavors, too!

These sweatpants are SO soft and cozy and I love the color!

I’ve never seen a soap dispenser/holder like this—amazing that it keeps the soap off the counter and still looks pretty.

If you’re looking to start a clean beauty stash, I love this kit from Sephora. It’s just $29 and includes some great full-sized products from some of my favorite brands, like Kosas!

The perfect rain booties! So inexpensive and the olive color is *chef’s kiss*.

Hope it’s a great week ahead! xo Keely

  • I loved this post Keely! so many great holiday ideas for gifts! i will definitely check out that necklace stand. Would be perfect! Thanks for the inspo!

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