10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are making a list of fun Halloween-y things you can do this week. I know I am! And by this time next week, I will probably have my Christmas decorations up because 2020 is crazy and I am finding joy in seasonal decor and NO ONE CAN STOP ME. 🙂

I recently discovered the Burlap Bag (soy based) candles and I love them! A few of my favorites are I Love Fall, Best Smell Ever, and Jingle Smells. 🙂

Recently bought these Jessica Simpson slippers in pink. My previous slippers were truly worn out, so it was time. And after loving her memoir, Open Book, I was excited to buy from her brand (been a fan of her clothing line for many years already!).

Been loving The Home Edit and Studio McGee’s show on Netflix. This is exactly the kind of thing I like to watch when I’m wanting to just unwind and eat dinner in front of the TV. Ha.

A few podcast episodes I’ve loved lately: Brit interviews Glennon!, You’re Wrong About Halloween special, Criminal on Child Detectives (this was the SWEETEST thing ever—real life Nancy Drew), and if you’re in the mood for a fun and maybe a little sassy celebrity interview (admit it, we all are sometimes!), be sure to check out The Lady Gang.

Have I mentioned David’s Tea already? Oh, I have. Many times. Well, sorry to be a broken record but I am a tea evangelist. It is my calling. I love a sampler but here are a few of my all-time favorite herbals: Hibiscus Splash, Forever Nuts, and Super Ginger.

Made this cauliflower soup and also this broccoli cheddar soup for a soup + Halloween movie night on Friday with friends. #soupislife

I’ve been eyeing these leggings for years and finally took the plunge and bought a pair (friends had given me a gift card, so that felt like the nudge I needed).

At least once a week, I spend a little extra time in the evening doing this pumpkin enzyme peel, a moisturizing sheet mask, and then my usual oil + a drop or two of frankincense before bed. It feels like the height of at-home luxury.

I shared this in a newsletter recently (are you signed up for ours?), but I’ve been doing this 30-day yoga challenge lately and my review is … yoga is hard! I am really liking it though—it feels good for my body as well as my mental health right now.

Too soon to start buying Christmas tree ornaments? I vote nope, it’s never too soon. Ha. I am pretty obsessed with these hot sauce ornaments and also these adorable townhouses.

Is anyone into dream interpretation? I keep having dreams where I’m somewhere and parts of a staircase are missing, or the way to get to another section of my house has a missing area and you have to jump over a giant chasm. Everyone around me in the dream acts like it’s normal and I’m being overly cautious. But it’s truly treacherous and it happens in almost every dream I have lately. So strange.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully you find yourself a little spooky joy this week—you deserve joy! xo. Emma

  • Thank you so much for including our candles as one of your favorite things!! You’re the best, Emma.

    Excited to try out both the cauliflower soup and broccoli cheddar soup – it’s finally cold here in Austin!

  • Your dreams sounds like you are transition and change but have to take “a leap of faith” to bring it to completion. It seems normal to everyone else because in a certain sense IT IS normal, the leap you have to take is clear to many around you and they are calm about it. It’s however, terrifying for you and can feel like the most difficult/dangerous thing to do. Be courageous and take the leap.

    • This is also repeated in your other dreams- something is missing or incomplete and makes it feel scary/uncertain and sometimes even impossible. Once again, take courage. You are doing something that is lovingly supported by those around you and trust that you CAN and WILL make it through.

  • My friends pointed me to dreammoods.com and I’ve used them over the years and found it helpful. For yours, you could look up house or stairway. FWIW, when I was going thru a difficult in my marriage, I had similar dreams about people not believing me about how dangerous something was. Figured it reflected my real life frustration at people not taking our issues seriously. Take care.

  • A GREAT fall tea that we’ve been serving I. Our tea room (from Harvey and sons) is heirloom Bartlett pear!!!

  • Emma I have that dream ALL THE TIME! For me it’s always stairs and now when I see those stairs that are open in the back they freak me out. Glad I’m not alone!

  • Emma, you’re so sweet and fun! Your earnestness about your love for soup and teas is just really refreshing and I wish we could be besties IRL 🙂 Thank you for the podcast episode recs!

  • I love the excitement in this post. I laughed at your “NO ONE CAN STOP ME!” comment hahaha

    Sounds like you’re sensing danger in an area of your life and it’s either not being taken seriously by others, or you are hesitant to acknowledge it. I encourage you to listen to your inner leading with whatever life decisions you are currently dealing with #thatintuition

    Bahh, I had forgotten about David’s tea. There’s not one close to me but I am, coincidentally, driving out to the big city today for groceries. So watch me buy 2 of everything at the tea store. YOLO

  • – I finally bought the Spanx faux leather leggings this fall and they are so magical for my butt I regret not buying them years ago. This makes me want to try the moto!

    – I really do believe in dream interpretations- our subconsciousness isn’t really subtle, so dream themes can be reliable. Dreams can be a good tool for you to check in with yourself during these turbulent times. Keep a journal!

  • Elsie’s recommendation of “You’re Wrong About” (and “Open Book”) is the best thing that’s happened to me in 2020

  • I love yoga with adriene so much!! It is hard, but feels so good for the body and mind. So happy to see you are trying it out!

  • I loved the 30-day yoga challenge with Adrienne! Definitely one of the positive things that came out of this pandemic. It was my introduction to yoga and now I love it and practice regularly!

  • So funny that you mention dreams because I was just saying today that I’ve been having dreams that I feel like must mean something. Twice I’ve dreamt of cutting my own hair (once with scissors and once with a sword!) and then last night I dreamed that I was planting seeds to grow flowers in my yard (I don’t actually have a yard).

  • Emma, I just started that same 30-day yoga challenge a few days ago! I didn’t realize it would feel difficult, but it does and I like it!

  • I want to put out there– Chelsea Devantez is an amazing person and comedian, she is launching a podcast “Celebrity Book Club” and the first episode is Jessica Simpson’s book!! She covers tons of women’s bio’s in her instagram stories and it’s just so fun to follow and is why I read Open Book. 🙂

  • Speaking of podcasts, Emma, have you ever listened to Sugar Calling? I heard it and thought of you! It’s Cheryl Strayed calling and interviewing other writers. I think you would love it. 🙂

  • just bought my husband the “king of farts” candle from the burlap bag!! ;D thanks for the intro to this super fun company! put many other scents in my “monthly gift to myself for working hard” list!

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