10 Things I Love Sunday

I don’t know about you but I can feel that holiday feeling in the air already! We are still getting settled into our new home (it’s only been a little over a month now), but I have this list on my phone of all the things I want done before December 1 is upon us so we can have a cozy (and possibly relaxing??!!) Christmas season. Hey, a girl can dream! Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

1. Going to be using this and this essential oil blend non-stop FOR SURE! I do love diffusing oils throughout the year, but I go a little crazy with them during the holiday season …

2. This is the fourth home I’ve lived in as an adult and I’ve always wanted a cool mailbox but never got around to putting one in. I think I thought I had to wait until the house was totally done to do a nice mailbox, but then of course, the house never gets totally “done,” so it never happened. This time, I decided to get one right away so I could enjoy seeing it every time I drive into my driveway (and the one we currently have won’t stay closed and the flag broke off so it’s not exactly in great shape) and this one is perfect! You do have to buy the post separate for that one, but this one is similar and the post comes with it … so excited!!

3. Did you know non-alcoholic spirits exist?? I’ve known about non-alcoholic beer, but as my alcohol tolerance has dropped pretty low since having Lola three years ago, I think I may give this “gin” a try and see how it holds up!


5. The earring version of an ugly Christmas sweater (that is still yet so cute!). We still have a few of these left in our A Beautiful Mess x Etsy collaboration shop, so snag a pair for yourself or for a gift before they are gone!

6. I don’t know if it will happen or not but are trying to get our fireplace working by Christmas and I’m SO pumped!! We used to have a gas fireplace when we lived in Springfield, Missouri (two houses ago), and we absolutely loved it since we are homebodies who are cold all the time. We are doing a gas log set where you have to have the flue open to turn the fire on, so it’s not quite as warm as a full-on gas insert would be, but it was literally 1/8th of the cost and I’ve really enjoyed that kind of set up at other people’s houses, so I think it will be good overall! The fireplace in our living room is like the focal point of the house so we would love for it to work … fingers crossed we have a fire on Christmas Eve!

7. Gonna try these baked donuts this weekend!

8. Did you know there are pink succulents (and blush!) and pink daffodils? I ordered a ton of pink and peach daffodil bulbs to plant this weekend and I can’t wait to see them (hopefully!) come up in the spring.

9. Started some Christmas shopping and got this for Lola!

10. The perfect red holiday sweater.

I’ll be trying to tick some boxes off my to-do list this weekend, but we’ll probably also be watching the new Fargo season at night (I’ll watch anything with Jason Schwartzman, basically). Hope you’re starting to feel the holiday season joy as well—I know we could all use some this year! Stay safe! xo. Laura

  • I can’t wait until Christmas this year! Hallmark already has started showing their Christmas movies and it won’t be long before you start hearing Christmas songs in stores.

  • I have to warn you, that non-alcoholic “alcohol” is so gross! I mean, try it for yourself, but it was so bad that I couldn’t even drink it. Don’t waste the calories, just drink juice and sparkling water. On a plus side, their customer service is outstanding and they refunded my money.

    • You mean to use around or on dogs? I know cats can be sensitive to some essential oils but that’s not as much an issue for dogs from what I understand…usually I don’t read about an issue with diffusing most oils around dogs but you may need to do a little more research for particular oils and particular dogs if you’re worried about it!


      • Sorry, I should’ve specified! Are they safe when used in a diffuser? I have a diffuser but I’m worried that some oils could be harmful to my pups.

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