10 things i ((LOVE)) Sunday


1. roller skating… yes. i love it so much and i want some cute vintage skates to call my very own!


(these are pretty beautiful!)


2. i am freaking out over all the pretty swimsuits at anthropologie this season. they’re gorgeous. i prefer 2 piece swimsuits, but this amazing one piece caught my eye for sure… i love 1960s & vintage inspired one pieces…

Anthro swimsuit

(seen on sweet sarah’s blog) wowzers!



3. i had this album playing in my car all week. It’s nice and i know all the words now.





4. the best candy that ever was made. i’ve finally found it.

Picture 2

5. this is cute. (source)

Elmo 1


Elmo 2

6. adding to my (already quite lengthy) list of reasons i want to be a mama one day… this cute kiddo DIY project. smiles.



7. these pretty sweet green hair clips by the adorable Yanessa B.



i love this photo from her valentine’s picnic! so sweet.

Blythe camper 1


Blythe camper 2

8. these doll/camper photos made me smile sooo much today! (by katie)


9. this car (OMG) seen on kayla’s blog.


10. and this sign… found from my very old iPhone archives. i don’t know whether to be insulted or inspired. 🙂

Happy Sunday!!!!! elsie


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