10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! I know the holidays are looking pretty different for most of us this year, but I am still SO excited. Only five more sleeps until Christmas! Anyway, here’s 10 random things I’ve in love with lately.

I gifted lots of wine this year and I love these little outfits you can wrap bottles in. Here’s another option. And, this week, Laura has a really great post going up on gift wrapping bottles if you need more ideas.

I got influenced and bought this handheld vacuum (I know, I’m very cool!) and I love it. I especially love sucking up little dusty corners my broom can’t reach—something so satisfying about it. Ha.

Received this giant candle in the mail (it was a gift) and I am obsessed with the smell and the look—it’s like a glowing snow globe in the evenings.

I mentioned this on Instagram some time ago, but I am still obsessed with my rice heating pad (you heat it in the microwave). You can also make your own. I use mine almost every night while I read before bed. #grandmalife

Bought these two lip crayons. I love a more matte lip look as it seems to stay on better for me.

I also bought myself this ring from Etsy a month or two ago, and I love the look AND I feel like having a ring to fiddle with helps me bite my nails less. Big win for me.

A friend bought me these leggings for Christmas, and OMG they are the best leggings I’ve ever had! I wear them at least a few times a week. Ha.

I’m planning to paint and hang a new light fixture in my bedroom. I bought this copper one and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. 🙂

If you are a podcast listener, then you know about “croissant Fridays” (I make myself a croissant every Friday, that’s pretty much the whole story). I haven’t been able to stock up on Trader Joe’s frozen croissants lately as I haven’t been in a city with a TJ (we don’t have them here in Springfield, Missouri), so I decided to try these William Sonoma ones. I will report back with my findings.

Currently obsessed with mandarins. I eat them almost everyday. I love citrus, so I consider that one of the best silver linings of winter. Ha.

Hope you have a safe and festive holiday whatever you are doing, and cheers to 2021! xo. Emma

  • Hi Emma, Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas in advance. I am new to your awesome world. But enjoyed the 10 things you loved most. Indeed the bottle dressed up Santa Suit looks so gorgeous.

  • Oh my goodness, that Santa suit for a bottle is genius! I need to get some of those just to dress up my home bar bottles. Cheers!

  • I saw a thing on pinterest lately about making your own chocolate “croissants” by using puff pastry. I thought you should know about it. Ha.

  • Emma! Aldi also has frozen butter croissants and chocolate hazelnut! I’m pretty positive they’re exactly the same as TJs. I just got some delivered via instacart!

  • Rice bags for life! Our furnace recently went out for a week (now it’s fixed) and I started putting my rice bag in between my sheets to take the chill off before bed. I remember my grandma did this and it worked so well. I’m still doing this even though the heat is back on, it’s so cozy!

  • Emma, since you like baking, cooking, and citrus, I recommend to you yuzu, a Japanese citrus variety with a distinct flavor.

    • I’m taking this as a sign bc I just got a new cookbook that had a cake recipe with yuzu and I’d never heard of it but the description made it sound kind of citrusy so it seemed like something I would like. I’ll have to see if I can track some down where I live.

  • The Le Marais frozen pastry box from William Sonoma is also delicious is also delicious should you want to try another option! 10/10 would recommend!

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