10 Things I Love Sunday

The holiday season is officially over and that’s a very hard thing to explain to a 3-year-old, haha! While I hate taking down all the lights and glitter, I’m trying to think of fun things to focus on instead of all the winter we have left before spring hits … this may be our biggest Valentine’s Day celebration we’ve ever had at home! Here are some other things bringing me joy this week:

This is my organizational weapon for the new year. Label everything!! It really does help and makes things easier to find, especially when you have boxes or plastic tubs that aren’t see through in your storage areas.

This sounds amazing to up the chill factor in my day! Can always use some anti-stress measures and I like that you can add it to a hot drink for an extra relaxing experience …

I was thrilled that our beautiful new dining furniture arrived just before Christmas season started so we could set up that space and have a real Christmas Eve dinner in there! I chose this beautiful mid-century-inspired oak dining table because I love how it looks on “normal” days, but it also has two leafs that you can attach to the ends and seat up to 12 people! Obviously this year we didn’t use that function during the holidays, but I have big dreams that we will fill up the table next year with family and friends. I also added some of these pink dining chairs! I have been using that chair in white for our breakfast nook and I like them so much (they are super easy to care for and wipe clean) I got the pink version for the dining room to be a pop of color. I also chose this oak storage shelf since this house is a little light on upstairs storage, so I can store things like table runners and special occasion serving items in the bottom and use the top for decorative items. I’m still working on my end goal vision for the space (and we are going to add in this beautiful sideboard for more storage), but I can’t wait to see how the space turns out once it’s done and I think we are off to a good start!

This budget-friendly deep conditioner is saving my dry winter hair! And this is saving my dry winter face. Sooo creamy.

I wear these slippers on the daily this winter. I actually got them in both colors because I wear them so much (we have tile floors so the floor is always cold!) and I love that they are warm and comfy enough to wear all day with warm socks. I hate cold feet!!

I’ve been sleeping in these sleep leggings for almost two years and I’m still obsessed with them! I always thought sleeping in a high waist pant would be annoying, but it’s actually so much less noticeable than a lower waist (maybe because you aren’t lying on the waistband if you sleep on your side?). I started cleaning something in the basement this week while wearing them and they got too dirty to sleep in that night, and I changed sleep bottoms three times in the middle of the night because nothing else was as comfortable and I missed my usual pants!! A bit crazy, but I really do love them (I suggest them being a tiny bit loose for sleeping but that’s my opinion).

How beautiful are these pantry labels?

Every December, I do a photo book to remember the magic of the season. This year, we definitely have some different content in the book (ice skating with masks on, etc.). I usually decorate the front and inside jacket of the book and this year I just put “OH WOW” on the front with big gold stickers …. it’s always a good exercise to focus on the positive bits in life, and this photo book is a good reminder that holiday magic still took place even during a tough season. I usually use a 6″x8″ album and these kinds of pages (you can buy ones for smaller photos too). You can see some of my (and Elsie’s!) photo books from past years here.

Thinking about this rug for under our little breakfast nook table—so cute!

Found these consciously made sneakers and they look so comfy! They have some low tops in cute colors too.

Hope you guys are finding hope and making exciting goals for 2021! I know I’m not the only person to wish and pray that this year is SO much better than 2020. Wow. Stay safe and concentrate on what brings you joy in the months ahead! xo. Laura

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