10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends. Before the new year started, I bought myself a baby blue Big Bud Press jumpsuit. I have been a fan of theirs for years and I love to add a new jumpsuit to my collection every year (or sometimes a couple). For January, I decided to do a no-spend month (for clothing items specifically) mainly because I wanted to focus our budget on completing some home projects this season. It’s beginning to feel more and more like home and I want to knock out a lot of projects this year. Anyway! Here are things I am loving right now.

1. I am loving my electric blanket this month. I use it when I am working on my computer and it really helps because I can’t focus when my feet are cold. 🙂

2. I used my birthday money to get one of these repurposed designer button necklaces and I love it SO much!!! Would make an excellent gift idea too!

3. I picked these for my new office chairs. The first time in like 10 years I picked an office chair that isn’t white and gold.

4. These bento boxes from Target are one of the best and cutest Target finds I’ve seen in a long time. Our kids REALLY like picnics and I love meal prepping ahead, so these are perfect!

5. I’m loving W&Co. I have her Black Lives Matter and Thank A Black Woman sweater. A great small biz to support!!!

6. I will probably do a longer review on this in my next big skincare post, but I started using Moon Juice’s Acid Potion and it’s my favorite exfoliant I have ever used. I was in a rough patch with my skin a few months back and it made a noticeable difference (!!!).

7. Feeling another “dollhouse phase” coming on soon!

8. I can’t wait to try this tea!

9. My favorite diffuser is still on sale. I just ordered one for my office!

10. This personalized ring is really pretty.

Sending love to you! xx

  • Just ordered the Moon Juice acid potion. Hope I love it as much as you. Excellent reviews. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ha e you tried the birthday tea before? We use to have it in our tea room. Not at all what I expected- was fruity.

  • A cheaper alternative if your feet get cold at the desk is to get a hot water bottle and rest your feet on top of it (not sure if hot water bottles are a thing everywhere, but are a lifesaver!) Love electric blankets as well, I make my bed nice and cosy before I hop into it!

  • Cute jumpsuit! It kind of reminds me of Angel’s jumpsuit on “Escape to the Chateau”. Have you seen it? It’s on HGTV and it’s my new favorite show!

  • The diffuser link goes to the Tea – I’d love to see the right link. Thank you.

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