10 things i LOVE Sunday!

1. I finished my book made with our new favorite things kit.

I feel live i’ve finally found what *i* want to do with my scrapbooks.
it’s exciting & it feels new again…

here are photos:



(i didn’t fill in all of my goals b.c it’s too much pressure. :D)
the end. 🙂
i hope you enjoyed it. it’s a peek into my life and a keepsake for my (hopefully somday…haha!) future children & grandchildren. i love the little details like favorite songs, handwriting and polaroids…
we only have a small stack left. it was our best selling kit so far this year… thank you! 😀


2. the new MUTEMATH video.
my dear friend, brandon, did this video. it’s SO amazing. i heard that they recorded it all in one take while playing the song at half speed in a speeding van. hope you enjoy.
you might remember brandon from this post.
he is so talented & so is MUTEMATH. So happy for them!
3. pineapple juice & my dad’s killer life advise (every single Sunday)!
4. still obsessed with the new animal collective.
5. filling up my car with gas for $12.
6. children’s craft supplies.
7. feeling really inspired!!
8. working on new merch. for my favorite bands  in the worlddd!
9. this very very rainy day.
rain is my favorite.
10. and adding daily cuteness to RVA.


We are planning a big update for Wednesday & new items all week.
Hope your sunday is restful & inspiring.
LoveLoves. E
  • on the same wavelength of the children’s craft supplies–i would love to see your drawings in a coloring book! i printed out the rva class embroidery patterns and my five year-old son IMMEDIATELY grabbed them to color. cute!

  • Happy for all the greatness happening for you. And the album sneak peek is absolutely gorgeous. I wish and plan to make an album like yours for myself. An insight into little old me. Good luck this week! 😀

  • Elsie, I LOVE your scrapbook! it’s so lovely, and i’ve had that sortof thing on my mind so much lately! wanting to make a scrapbook to remember all the things i love (they’re always changing!:)

    and, I lovvve it when you mention mutemath!:D they’ve been my fav band for three years now! can’t wait to see them take over the music world!!! 🙂

  • I’m not a scrapper, never have been. I never really got it. I love photography, but I just found the whole process, unnecessary. BUT – this album an AMAZING piece of art and you’ve totally changed my mind about the whole thing. Now I think I get why so many people adore you (besides your cute) 🙂

  • oooo i am lovin the style of this scrapbook!! so cute. and kids crafts supplies? definitely. my housemates and i spend a lot of time colouring and making perler bead creations. 🙂 have a good week!

  • YAY!!!! i love yummy scrappies from Elsie!!! welcome back to the land of the layouts!!!

  • Deelish Elsie! I love it. I’ve been playing with my blog some more… did a handcrafted header… you’re so inspiring…


    Kimber RAE

  • great pages! i’m hoping to be starting a new chapter in my life soon and this kit might just be the thing to help as a jumping off point. tres shnazzy.

    ALSO – congrats on being featured in the flickr blog today! i saw the feature was on salvation mountain and thought right away “i wonder if they’re using any of elsie’s pics?” lo and behold, they did! what fun!

  • Elsie! That keepsake kit is awesome! That is a very good idea. It’s great when you meet new people and show them little things about you!! 🙂

  • that scrapbook is gorgous….I’ve always wanted to use huge pictures in my books but never have. I will be starting once I move on from the mini album craze im in. I really like how you used your kit and then showed us. It really gives you an idea of size. Good selling technique. You have such a unique style and I love it! You always bring new ideas to the table. Sometimes I wonder…where does she come up with this stuff!? I’m glad you do though b/c it opens up new doors for us.

    It was rainy here all day too…its still raining now and its 5:30 monday morning.

  • awwwwwwwwwww! your scrapbook is amazing I love the strawberrys. Can’t wait to get my kit, I’m so inspired !thanks

  • Squeeeeeee! I can’t wait for my kit to arrive now!

    You are a true inspiration Elsie. Thank you xxx

  • your middle name is Dawn. no way! so is mine. haha. i seem to remember reading that someone once, but anyway. big smiles. also Down With Love and Factory Girl are big favs of mine. (have you seen Harold And Maude? it’s beautiful)

    this is inspiring. you are just so great. really there are no words except i love seeing these updates and feeling like i am watching art history in the making.
    is that silly? i don’t know. but it feels like it.

    for my uni interview(london baby!), they asked me to name a few of my favourite contemporary artists. you were number one. [:

    please don’t stop.
    [: kimxo

  • I love the album and my kit is still on the way :-/ Can’t wait to get jhold of all the cute things you put in there.
    Shouldn’t the 50 random facts be of 2009 or did you really do that last year? *justwondering*

  • I LOVE the scrapbook!! Always such unique ideas, always inspiring! :o)

  • I love your scrapbook!

    Was just wondering- will more black or white Nerd glasses be in the RVA update this week? I really want a pair! : )

  • soooo cute! what do you make your actual pages out of? chipboard? my friend and i have been out and about several times taking pics with some blue nerd glasses i bought when i visited your store. you inspired us to do photoshoots of our own!

  • It’s so nice to see you scrapbooking again, especially as you seem to have re-newed your love for it. i wanted this kit so bad but was holding out for the vintage photo albums, so glad i managed to get both (and a few other bits too). Are Jeremy & Chris collaborating now?

    Thanks for your continually inspiring posts, i read every day (& have taken both your classes) but don’t often comment. Just wanted you to know you are a huge inspiration to me. Thankies!

  • You are still my favourite scrapbook-er Elsie, ever ever ever. Your work is like little pieces of art that tell a story in each one.

  • Love love love this.. sooo inspiring!
    Thanks 😀
    Have a lovely day!

  • love the strawberry’s.. are they coming to the RVA shop 😀 XOXO

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