10 Things I Love Sunday!

here are 10 brand new things that i’m totally in love with…… i hope you enjoy!

Record player
1. isn’t this the cutest vintage record player you’ve ever seen?


2. artwork by Moor.

Picture 1
3. little cafes. this is so cute. the world needs more cute little cafes… and especially if they serve pie. [photo source]

4. this amazing photo [seen on modern kiddo]. i’m in love with the clock!

5. these lovely handmade moccasins. oh… and the cute puppy too!

6. the most beautiful hot air balloon i’ve ever seen. WOW.

7. penelope started eating cereal and got her first tooth all in one week. i looooove her!

8. i want them & i need them. source.

Picture 2
9. courtney’s cute little green house. i want one too!

Picture 18
10. and these beautiful lawn chairs, which i would love-love-love to own. seen on kaylah’s blog, via seahoney.

Photo 1103
this week i am moving my studio (from my previous loft to downstairs behind the RVA store– even though i am closing the store on May 10th, i am still officing there for most of the summer because of Jeremy’s recording studio… so that’s exciting.) PLEASE NOTE: my local store is closing for relocation & restructuring. We are expanding & making it cuter than ever, and these things take time. We are still shopping location and I will fill you in on details after we’ve made our final decisions. It will most likely re-open in Spring of 2011. I just want you to know that the changes going on are %100 positive and so exciting! This summer the RVA online store is expanding more than ever before… i really can’t wait to give the online store the attention it deserves for a season. 🙂

i CAN’T WAIT to get my studio unpacked and back to normal daily use! i’m also starting a new class. so most of my week will be spent like that! I’m looking forward to it and i’ll be here with probably a million-or-so more posts to keep you company with. LOVES, elsie

ps. jeremy, i miss you.


  • as always your 10 things are part of my sunday – i LOVE it

    cute cafes !!!!! made for sunday

    have a super duper day elsie


  • Super cure moccasins. Went to Jeremy’s show last night. So fun. He did awesome. Very talented. LOVED the song he wrote for you. So beautiful!!!

  • I love the paintings, cute!

    i love your 10 things i love Sunday posts 🙂

  • We are relocating my local store and restructuring it, adding LOTS. it will be a good thing, but i need some time! 🙂 The online store will be up & running all year and the new local store will be back in 2011. XO.

  • Don’t laugh, but I own that record player and its in mint condition. Mine since I was a young gal!!

  • I cant wait to see all the new awesomness!! I of course love the panda balloon 🙂 Hope everything goes smoothly for you!! Yay for new adventures 🙂



  • I saw a few of those little houses (and I think a barn) at one of the STD markets last weekend. I think it was the one further east….and towards the west side of the store? Very cute!

  • Elsie, I’m so pleased I got visit your pretty little store before you closed. I can’t wait to see what you do next; I think so many of us would wait forever!

  • I found a record player just like that at my local thrift store, and miracle of miracles it works (didn’t even need a new needle!) It’s been so handy for things like rearranging my apartment and providing some tunes for our garage sale at work. Plus, it’s super cute!

  • I’m really excited to see what you do with your store! When you open in your new location I will have to make a trip to visit your new store!!

  • Cute bangs Elsie! Moving is great because it’s a fresh way to look at what you have, and what you need or don’t. I love editing, and making things fresh! You’re great at that, so I know there’s lots of amazing things in store for RVA.

    PS. I love that you have a garden now. What would an elsie garden look like?

  • Did you delete your formspring? I just made one to follow artists that I like, but yours seems to have disappeared!

  • Yay! I’m so excited that you love our record player! Your Ten Things I Love Sunday posts are one of my favorite weekly reads, so imagine my surprise to see myself on it! I even blogged about it 🙂

  • your posts are always so inspiring to me. thank you!! and i can’t wait to get photo peeks at your new studio space!

  • That hot air balloon is adorable! Thanks for the smiles on this dreary Monday afternoon 🙂

  • Oh, good luck with the move! 🙂 I’m excited to see your online shop expand – that’s rad! And your 10 things are lovely and oh-so-inspiring, as always! The panda balloon is genius!

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