10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello, hello. Can you believe it’s March? I’ve been processing all the many changes we’ve been through this past year and have been feeling both heartbroken and so grateful. It’s weird because even though it felt like the longest year in so many ways, last March when we first started quarantining feels like only yesterday. I’m grateful for a year of quality time with our little girls and that our difficult choice to hold Nova back a year for kindergarten will eventually result in a “bonus year” or an extra year together before she graduates high school. The heavy stuff has also been really heavy. Our children have forgotten some of our closest friends and we will be re-introducing them hopefully in the near future. This is a small thing in the big picture, but I still can’t believe it’s happened. Anyway! I’ve cried a lot this week and if you have too—you’re not alone.

OK, here are 10 things I am loving this week!!

1. I got this jumpsuit in pink, but the green is looking pretty good too!

2. I just restocked my favorite self tanner. It’s got clean ingredients and it doesn’t make my skin look orange. Just make sure you use a tan mitt to apply it and blend extra on your wrists, ankles and knees. You can do it!!!

3. I ordered a few cement tile samples to use for a pop of pattern on an outdoor fireplace. If you’ve used cement tiles, I’d love to hear your experiences. I’ve heard really bad reviews, but since this is not for a floor or a high traffic area, I’m considering it! Let me know if you think it’s a safe choice. I want to hear reviews from people who have lived with the tile long term.

4. I just got our last pair of “baby shoes” in the mail. It might be our last pair ever. I am feeling really emotional about it even though it’s just shoes. I have loved our toddler years SO MUCH. Looking forward to the coming seasons too.

5. These bear sunnies for kiddos are SO cute.

6. Really loving the spring colors for the Girlfriend Collective sets. Can you guess which one I bought?

7. Loving Joy’s home reveal. It’s beautiful.

8. I’m so so excited about The Home Edit Workbook. I already started working on my kitchen! Here’s a Bookshop link if you prefer to shop from there.

9. These are the cutest pjs I’ve seen in a while. I added them to my cart immediately.

10. The prints we have in our movie room are no longer on Etsy, but she has a new site here. Take 20% (in March) off with the code ABM20.

Have a great week! xx

  • do you have white sheets? wondering if the self tanner would stain my sheets!

  • I feel your pain about the baby shoes. We just purged the boys’ closet a couple weeks ago (now 7 and 9) and I was folding those itty bitty t-shirts and shorts (we still had some size 3 and 4) and remembering how small they were! Our youngest is turning 8 at the end of the month and I’m not prepared! We just bought a new house and are moving in May and I’m now shopping for double beds because they’ve asked for their own rooms and now I have to come to terms with getting rid of the bunk bed!

  • We used cement tile as the surround for a fireplace. It’s been 3 years and it’s held up beautifully!

  • I have a patterned cement tile in my pantry – maybe it’s a little less white than it was initially but I don’t notice it feeling dirty at all – and I’m pretty particular.

  • For the tiles, look up Leigh Ellexson on YouTube – she’s a lovely artist and is doing a bunch of home reno projects. She has some rad hexagonal secondhand cement tiles in her new laundry room that required a crap ton of sanding after grouting because they were grouted before they were sealed.

  • We did cement tile in our playroom. We had it sealed when it was installed but it still got really stained and dirty. I was able to get the dirt out with a magic eraser and they looked pretty great but will likely get stained again. I would worry about smoke from a fireplace staining the tile, but I do think wall or backsplash is a better way to go than using it for floor tile.

    • Our little guy will be starting kindergarten a year late, too. We debated it A LOT , but I’m a teacher and have seen firsthand how amazing the gift of a little more time can be. I hope your little one has an amazing time at school!

  • Ohh baby shoes. It’s not “just shoes”! I miss those baby shoes and kept our last pair wrapped up

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