10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello, hello. Happy weekend! Here’s a photo from my kids’ bedroom. It makes me smile daily and I love the memories we are making in there, reading stories and dressing up. It’s the happiest room in my home.

1. I just ordered this affordable rug (and this one). I’m loving the scalloped style and the price tag is great too!

2. Toy lemonade set (!!!!!!)

3. I bought this bra after Keely posted about it and I have to say—it’s SUPER comfortable and my new favorite everyday bra. Size down one size. Target carries some affordable options as well.

4. I just ordered this wicker floor lamp and I love it!

5. Girlfriend Collective just launched swimwear.

6. These comfy sandals in every color imaginable.

7. The Always Pan is still on sale ($30 off with the code GOODTASTE30)

8. These toddler sandals are a fun Amazon find (under $20). I got them for my 3-year-old.

9. I can’t stop using this basket! So far, I am using it in my closet and in my kids’ room to hold their bows. I think I will also use one or two when I organize my fridge soon.

10. I got this cute rattle for Emma’s baby.

P.S. From the photo above, here are the links—peach wallpaper, polka dot dress, kids’ Jenny Lind bed, velvet headband.

xx! Elsie

  • I love the peach wallpaper – such fresh colors.
    Marie from Learning Kiddos

  • Loving the dress. Can you tell me what size you are wearing. Thanks

  • I highly recommend those Birkenstock sandals. I have them in the red for indoor shoes/slippers and green for outdoor. They are so comfortable and in the event they get dirty (I garden and also have 3 dogs), they are super easy to clean. They often sell out in colors and sizes. – this link is the biggest selection I have seen (been wearing these for years) so snatch up a pair for anyone considering!

    • Hi! I tried hanging little hats up there, but the kids always took them down.

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