10 Things I Love Sunday

It’s official. I’m taking over Emma’s “10 Things Sunday” posts while she prepares for her maternity leave (!!!) this month. So. Get Ready.

OK, that sounded too dramatic.

Kind of random, but the photo above reminded me of one of my favorite things to wake up to in the morning (on those extra sunny days). Walking downstairs and seeing prisms bouncing off the walls (and the floor!) is one of the best feelings. I’m sharing some other things I’ve been into lately below. 🙂

1. If you want to create a prism wonderland in your living room too, this large crystal ball suncatcher is where it’s at.

2. I just ordered this vintage rotary phone candle and an orange and purple yin yang candle from this Etsy shop. I’M SO EXCITED.

3. I ran out of my go-to sunscreen the other day and decided to replace it with one that everyone has raved about. Guess what? I’m never going back. It’s amazing, and I love that it doubles as makeup primer.

4. I’m loving the new tees from Cheap Old Houses. Once I found out they had a shop, it was all over!

5. A rather controversial question here. Are you pro-microwave or anti-microwave? I’ll admit, I use mine pretty often and I needed one that was less ugly and, you know, new. I bought this budget-friendly one that has a retro feel and it’s perfect!

6. Walmart’s newer clothing line, Free Assembly, is incredible. I’m not kidding—everything I’ve purchased has been so high in quality and super affordable. I also love they use mostly eco-friendly materials.

7. A few of my recent purchases from the line? This dress, striped top, and this button-front denim skirt (size down on this one).

8. My peachy-pink living room rug.

9. How often do you use up an entire tube of lip gloss? My answer used to be “never” until I tried now retired Oui Fresh lip gloss (miss you) and this amazing gloss by Bite Beauty. It’s a clean formula and truly the best. I just ran out of my favorite shade, Cider Donut and I know I’m going to want to buy at least one other shade to try!

10. As you can see in the photo above, my Boston terrier Kennedy really loves what I call her “pink furry donut bed.” It’s on sale right now if you want to give your pet an extra cozy sleeping spot.

Ah! That was fun. Hope you have a great week :))  -Jacki

  • I just had to stop back by and thank you for the Super Goop recommend. I bought it last Sunday after seeing it here (Mother’s Day extravaganza lol) and I’m obsessed! The matte finish keeps my Ilia serum from being too “glowy”. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • I love the cute candles. I have so many on hand I can’t really rationalize buying one, though. Also, love the SPF! I The Unseen is so great, especially under makeup. I also really like the new sheer screen on days I’m not wearing any makeup,

  • This might be an extremely rare experience but I follow a gal who owned the exact microwave listed who one night smelled smoke and realized that the microwave was on and running with no one having turned it on. Had she not caught it quickly it could have been disastrous. There are a several reviews with similar problems. Not to be too scary but be cautious!

    • I’ve had mine for 4 months and haven’t had any issues, but that’s scary!

    • My parents keep their small appliances plugged into little plugs that have switches so they can be switched off when not in use. That might help in case you’re worried about it happening!

  • Pro tip: I’ve seen that dog bed at Tuesday Morning stores for $15.

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