10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi all! I’m working really hard during our renovation to get our bedroom to a place of tranquility so we have one room that’s clean and peaceful at the end of the day. I’ve had the exact same bedroom furniture for over a decade (!!), so it’s been super exciting to pick out this gorgeous marigold velvet bed and dreamy night stands that match our beautiful dresser.

The space isn’t totally done, but it already feels fresh and light with the new pieces and I can’t wait to see it all totally finished—hopefully soon! I have this dream of waking up in this bed in the next few weeks and just savoring a cup of coffee in bed while I look around the room and see it all finally completed … and in my dream someone just brings me the coffee so I don’t have to make it either—haha!!

-Speaking of coffee, I got some while getting my hair done at my hair salon and it was so good I had to ask where they bought it from! Turns out it was this coffee, so I bought a big bag and have been drinking it at home … it’s really smooth and rich, which is how I like my coffee. It’s got a ton of great reviews, so I’m not the only one who loves it.

-We got this adorable inflatable pool for the season, and I love that it’s extremely quick to blow up, unlike some other pools we’ve had. It has a large hole and only one layer to fill (you can even blow it up with a hairdryer if you don’t have a blower), so it goes up fast and is juuuust the cutest.

-These little pink marbled bowls have been great for snacks or giving smaller portions of things to my daughter (the handles are great for kids to carry the bowl). They are also great ice cream bowls for late night snacking as well, and you can bake in them like a ramekin 🙂

-This inexpensive hammock would be perfect for a shady spot in our yard (I am thinking about this macrame hanging chair too, for our little pavilion).

-Just ordered this romper (LOVE the color) for summer, but this seersucker one is really cute, too.

-These are my favorite shorts for Lola in the summer—I get her a bunch of colors every year and they are my favorite. I just looooooove seeing toddler legs in the summer and I love that these show a lot of them. The whole shop is my favorite for everyday basics for kids all year round!

-I’m so tempted to get one of these birdhouses for our lawn (Lola and I have been birdwatching in the morning while we eat our toast). This one is incredible!!!

-It’s so hard to find good bra top swimwear (I just can’t do those non-supportive options!), but I’m giving this one a try with these high-waisted bottoms! Got this rainbow floral pattern to try as well …

-Technically, this cool lamp is a “kids” lamp, but it’s totally fine for an adult to buy one because it’s just too cute, right??

Love how the bedroom is coming together so far (I chose a classic sputnik for the light, and I brought this rug along from our last house, which goes perfectly!). I can’t wait to put up some art, add some more plants, and really let it shine! I’ll show you when it’s all done! xo. Laura

  • Where are your bedside lamps from? I Love them! Your bedroom looks so good!

  • Can confirm the delicious coffee- actually drinking a cup right now! I’m in SW Floeida & buy it at Costco.

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