10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi! Happy Sunday. I had a pretty good week, mainly because I bought a brand new Toyota Camry. I’m all about being frugal (I buy thrifted clothes and housewares all the time) but I needed a new car … bad. It’s so nice and having something new after driving the same car for 11 years has made me really happy. That’s all that really matters, right?

OK, let’s get into 10 more things I’m into right now:

1. I’m in my late 30s, and keeping my face moisturized is truly the key to having less wrinkles (drinking lots of water helps, too). Leahlani Bless Balm has seriously transformed my skin—it looks healthier that it ever has, and it has helped even out my skin tone (no more redness!). I can’t recommend this product enough. P.S. You can take 20% off any Leahlani order with the code ABM.

2. I was totally influenced by Elsie when I purchased this pair of budget-friendly sunglasses. I have a hard time finding sunglasses that work with my face shape, and these are perfect. I’m going to buy the other colors soon!

3. I used this new Template pack to edit the photo above. I love all the borders (especially the retro daisies, fruit, and scribbles ) and they look so good on IG stories.

4. How cute is this daisy stoneware mug and matching planter? I want both!

5. My go-to afternoon snack. It tastes like a peanut butter cookie and only has three (whole) ingredients.

6. Do you have any old VHS tapes that you’re dying to watch? I had some and didn’t want to mess with finding a VHS player. I did some old fashioned Googling and found out about Legacy Box. You simply mail your tapes to them and they email you a digital file that you can keep forever. It was so easy!

7. I’m a huge Keds fan and these woven platforms sneakers are on my radar. Are you into them too?

8. Give me all the graphic tees, please. Especially this “I washed my face today” tank top.

9. Am I talking about coffee mugs again? Yes, I am. I use my smiley face coffee cup all the time—it’s one of those mood-booster coffee cups. And if you’re looking for a new coffee to try, this one is my favorite. It’s a low-acid, whole bean coffee and it tastes amazing.

10. I recently bought these jean shorts and they’re so comfortable and flattering. I love that the paperbag waist is back! (elastic forever).

xo, Jacki ?

  • This is not specific to Jacki or to this article, but I would love to see ABM in general stop linking to so many Amazon product pages. I know that you ladies tend to do a great job promoting small businesses, but Amazon is the exact opposite of that and actively works to harm small businesses (as well as their own employees!). Please consider phasing out links to places like Amazon, Walmart, etc. in favor of small/ethical/sustainable companies.

    • Hi Sarah, I scrolled down here to say I ate that exact Larabar for breakfast today, and then I saw your comment. I agree with you that Amazon has a poor track record of taking care of their employees and giving back. My contribution to changing this is writing about the most ethical products I can find to raise awareness that in a lot of segments, there are great alternatives, especially if you are willing to take the time to understand the lifecycle costs of the things we buy. Cheap shipping and our enjoyment of beauty often comes at the cost of someone else’s suffering and I think in this day and age it is important to acknowledge that and do something about it if you can afford to, even if that means you need to learn how to see things differently. Petite Picks seeks to support innovative ideas and small companies doing great things by talking about them. Check us out!

  • Love this roundup. I have to agree with wanting all things elastic waist! Paperbag waist shorts for the win.

  • Jacki your posts are my favorite! Would you mind sharing where your cute top is from? Have a great week ?

  • Wow! Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed? This is my first time reading your blog and being a 54 year old woman that has always taken care of her skin I can tell you that I took no offense to your comment. I took it for what it was, sharing information on a product that has benefited you. I wouldn’t worry about your readers comment. I think she read what she wanted to in your post.

  • You have great taste, Jacki! Always happy when you do these posts!

  • There’s so much effort that goes into fearing and avoiding wrinkles. What is the message you are telling yourself here and is it really in the vein of self-care? The way serums and lotions are marketed to us it’s as if they have the ability to extend this really brief time frame in which we can feel some self-worth. As if people with mature skin didn’t know enough or care enough (ie spend enough) to stay young. Imagine a world where wrinkles actually added to a person’s charm and charisma. We could actually live in that kind of world if we did the work to destigmatize aging every little way that we could. It’s perfectly okay to want healthy skin. Just watch how you frame that care…especially when advising others about it.

    • I definitely didn’t mean for it to come across that way. I think wrinkles and and gray hair are attractive, and I fully embrace aging. I just wanted to share a product that has helped my skin, and wanted to share my age in case someone was curious about my skin type.

    • Chill. You were obviously triggered, but that’s not on Jackie; that’s on you. Stop policing everything that’s said on the internet. Try this for one whole day: When you read something you don’t like close the browser, or keep scrolling, or maybe even take a minute to consider why you feel the way you do. You’ll feel so free when you realize you don’t have to try controlling everyone’s speech!

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