10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today also happens to be the Fourth of July, which, in my family, is a pretty big deal. My grandma hosts every year (she’s 87) and goes all out with the cutest decor, best food, and cranberry margaritas. That’s right, cranberry. They’re a treat.

Let’s get into 10 things I’m into this week!

1. I live in a 100 year old house, and the upstairs (where my bedroom is) gets really hot in the summer. I read that bamboo sheets are the most “cooling” so I bought these pillowcases and this fitted sheet right away. They are making a huge difference (and they’re so soft).

2. Here’s the dress I’m wearing in the photo above (in my backyard). I wanted to take a picture because I love it so much, so I did the whole “tape your phone to the fence” thing. Ha!

3. Super random, but if you’re looking for store-bought guacamole that tastes homemade (like, really good) you have to try this one from ALDI.

4. I bought a custom letter garland to use when I sell my vintage ‘wares at pop-ups, and it’s perfect! The felt is really thick and well made, and of course, I picked the word “vintage.”

5. I recently made the switch to natural deodorant—it took a couple tries to find the best one. This one made the cut and it smells really good!

6. I don’t need another coffee mug, but I really want this one anyway.

7. One of my favorites brands in the universe has a new brand new product—this tropical body oil (it can also be used on your hair) and it’s… incredible. I can’t even describe how amazing it smells, but it’s to die for! Don’t forget you can use the code ABM to take 20% off any item 🙂

8. The ultimate vintage plant stand. I was lucky to score mine on FB Marketplace a few years ago. I use it to display vintage packaging because that’s how my brain works.

9. I don’t know if I’m a Crocs person yet, but I love their new wedges.

10. I just ordered this swimsuit and can’t wait to try it on! This is the first time I’ve measured my torso to get the right fit.

Until next time! xo, Jacki

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