10 Things I Love Sunday

Hiii!!! Hope your weekend has been absolutely amazing. We have been taking it easy the past few weeks (on the weekends) and it’s been so nice.

Here’s the inflatable pool we’ve been hanging out in on the weekends— it’s definitely big enough for two adults and you could probably fit 3-4 fully grown people.

Do you enjoy weighted blankets? Or maybe you’ve been intrigued by them but haven’t tried one yet? Let me put you onto weighted eye pillows, which is like a tiny weighted blanket for your eyes. This little pocket of joy is so great for anxiety or racing thoughts at bedtime. I find that the weight of the pillow (filled with flax seeds and lavender) has an almost immediate calming effect and keeps eyes from fluttering. As an added bonus, it filters out almost all light! I use one of these every time I sleep and have for many years now.

It’s been 10 years since I last bought hair extensions and back then I was a VERY dark brunette! My hair color has changed so much, so it was time for a new set. After a lot of research and recommendations, I decided to go with Barefoot Blonde. I love that they send you a pack of your choice of shades to try (comes with a tiny weft of hair for each shade) so that you can really get a perfect match. You can also get matched via Skype, which is so cool! I got the classic set in Sandy Blonde.

Here’s the dress I’m wearing in the photo (I loooove it. So comfy)! Here’s something similar for straight sizes.

And my record player! It’s definitely more of a muted, dusty pink than a blush like it says in the description. The record I’m playing is Britney Baby One More Time (#freebritney), but sadly this pink marbled edition is sold out.

Here is the face print and flowers I have hanging above my record player. I absolutely love them and since they’re black and white, you can totally print them out at home if you have some cardstock. Use the code BLOG30 for 30% off!

This denim babydoll is on my list! I loveeee the pink color, too.

Verrrrry pretty dress and the short sleeves make it perfect end of summer/start of fall.

The iconic “Mom, I am a rich man” quote tee complete with Cher sketches!!!

BUTTERFLY CLAW CLIPS in tortoise shell colors?! Sign me up! I know a lot of Millennials feel a certain type of way about our fashions being resurrected from the ’90s and Y2K era, but I am so here for it!!! Let me relive those days, haha.

Have an amazing week!!! xo Keely

  • I love the dress! So beautifully feminine, yet also comfortable. I think most of the things in my wardrobe fits into one category or the other, but not both at once. Thx for sharing, and also where to get for all sizes! Much appreciated!

  • THANK YOU for sharing a plus size item! I’m a long time reader and I have been waiting for this day! Also loved the accessibility piece of “here’s the item and here is similar in straight sizes.” Would love to see the team do the reverse in the future – “here’s the item and here is similar in plus sizes.” Xo

  • Keely, I love when you post on Sundays!

    Your style is so fun and I love your positivity. Have a great week 😀

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