10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you are enjoying the weather and outdoors as much as possible. And, I have been soaking up this summer but I won’t lie, I am already dreaming of autumn walks and decorating for Halloween. I know! How basic can I be?! Apparently, very. Ha.

I’ve been wearing these pink summer sandals a lot. Bonus points: They can go in the river or get rained on. I don’t need another pair, but they also come in yellow and look so cute, so thinking about it.

The world of nail polish, nail wraps, and nail art has opened up to me since I finally quit biting my nails this past year. I recently bought the Color Dept. set and really like it! But, AILA nail polish will always have my heart too.

While I was pregnant, I had a pair of overalls I loved wearing and I gave them to a pregnant friend since they are now way too big for me. But, I missed the ease of an overall type outfit, so I bought this army green “romper” on Amazon and LOVED it so much I’ve already bought a brown pair, too. I’m 5’4″ and bought the medium size.

We are obsessed with air frying chicken wings. It’s one of Trey’s go-to dinners (and he’s been pretty much 100% in charge of dinners since the birth of our son). We decided to upgrade and get a double air fryer—love it!

At 35 years old, I have decided to take the plunge and become a perfume person. But what scents do I like? I had no idea. Keely recommended I try this clean perfume sample set. It comes with this card where you can add notes about the scents, and also a coupon for a big discount once you choose and purchase a full size. I’ve actually loved trying out different scents—I’ve used three so far. I’ll let you know my favorite once I get through them all.

An Instagram ad got me and I decided to try out this facial treatment wand. Plus, I also recently bought this pumpkin face mask which smells amazing. I have melasma which got a little worse during pregnancy, so I’ve been experimenting and researching different facial treatments, masks, etc. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

I finally joined the cult and am a Big Bud Press jumpsuit gal. I can already tell these are addictive—I immediately want to buy more. Elsie has all the colors (basically) and I thought she was crazy, but now I get it.

Recently bought this rug for my home office, and I’m planning to paint an accent wall to match one of the colors … just not sure which yet.

Random, but our dog, Steve, has been extra anxious since we brought Oscar home and he wasn’t eating. The only thing that’s worked consistently is crumbling up a few of these dog treats in his food. They are also just the best dog treats, IMO.

Love you all, Emma

P.S. My stroller is UPPA Baby with the Mesa infant car seat and I love it! We go on walks almost every day and have since the first week our son came home. Walks are kind of my secret weapon for a happy life. I know that’s cheesy, but I mean it.

    • Yep. And for me it’s worth every penny, I like it that much. And like I said, I use mine almost everyday (sometimes twice a day).

      • I got this Britax B-Agile from a friend. Well-made and useful from littles to big kids.


      • Agreed! I’ve used mine every day for almost 4 years now. We’re on kid # 2 now and my older son rides the “piggyback” attachment around the neighborhood while we push the baby.

  • Welcome back and congratulations, Emma!

    I wanted to give a perfume recommendation. I have always loved perfume but many main brands are not cruelty free, or at least they weren’t. Eden Perfumes is vegan and cruelty free, affordable, and they can mimic your favorite perfume. I love Chloe Love Story and Eden has a similar scent that I actually prefer. https://www.edenperfumes.co.uk/

  • My dermatologist said it has to be a mineral based sunscreen to help with melasma- just in case you weren’t trying that kind. I use Elta MD and it doesn’t appear white on my skin. He also said to wear it year round even if you’re not going outside because some people can have trouble with overhead lights (I had no idea!). Mine (from pregnancy) has improved over time.

  • Ah I struggle with melasma too. I have prescription moisturiser now which I think is helping a little bit.

  • Yay, we missed you Emma! I just had to comment to tell you how precious Oscar is. He already looks so big! Hope you are doing well. Good job mama.

  • Hey Emma! Way to come back and serve us all the self care Sunday links we NEED! Maybe just me, ha. So happy you’re back and looking forward to hearing you on the podcast soon! Congrats on that ridiculously cute baby.

  • Emma, Congrats to you and Trey on your beautiful son. I love the overalls you shared with us. They look so comfy. When I was pregnant (a long time ago) I had a pair of soft denim overalls I wore for all 3 pregnancies. When my kids got older they made me donate any overalls I owned. Did you share your air fryer wings recipe yet and if so can you send me the link? I love our air fryer so much. It is one appliance so worthy of counter space.

  • For melasma alas I found nothing worked other than wearing sun screen and a hat to reduce exposure. It’s gone in the winter and then as soon as early summer comes along it comes back. I had heard with time it goes away. My youngest is 8 and this is the first summer that it hasn’t seemed to appear with sun exposure. But I imagine everyone is different.

    • Mine started long before I was pregnant, so I am not hopeful it will away on its own. But if it did, that would be great! I am pretty consistent on sunscreen and hats, being fair skinned and prone to burns anyway, but it’s always worse in the summer. Which is too bad as I like to wear less makeup in the summer, since it melts off anyway. Ha.

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