10 Things I Love Sunday

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. It was Keely’s last week at ABM and we worked together several days. I have to say, when employees move on it really brings out the Michael Scott in me! Haha. Anyway, we had a memorable last week working together and I know she will be missed around here. We’re all so grateful for the years she spent with us and proud of her pursuing her dreams for the future.

In lighter news, I am en route to Missouri today to spend a few days deep-diving with the ABM team. I will have some exciting news to share this week—make sure you are following here to hear it first! It’s going to be an AMAZING season upcoming.

1. I am head over heels in love with these House of Hackney wallpapers. The more pink color way is available at Anthropologie and I think I am actually going to go with the more green one. I am hugely inspired by House of Hackney right now and recommend you go down that rabbit hole and see their vacation rental property and all their beautiful photo shoots to get inspired.

P.S. I love this green wallpaper too.

2. I’m not sure how there are any of these scallop quilts still in stock, but grab one before they’re gone. I know it’s a boho line, but these quilts are classic and versatile!

3. My favorite “fall candle” (it’s year round for me, but it sets a cozy vibe!).

4. I love these rattan pumpkins.

5. I just ordered several of these star lights. My all-time favorite flush mount fixture for sure!

6. This is a cute little tissue box cover (and a nice price too!). Love putting these in every bathroom and all the spaces, really.

7. It’s paper bat time!

8. Love this print by a local Nashville artist!

9. Just added this book to my kiddos’ collection (it’s ADORABLE!).

10. This is BY FAR my most wanted Halloween decor this year. These are amazing and magical!

xo, Elsie

  • Awwww I have so enjoyed getting to know Keely and Laura on the podcasts! Sad to see Keely go but welcome back Emma!

  • Thanks for all your great links and content. I don’t know if Amazon is one of your sponsors but, if not, I wanted to suggest that you link to bookshop.org when you recommend a book. That way people can order the book from an independent bookstore and support small businesses.
    Thanks from a bookseller fan!

  • Sad to see Keely go but I hope we can watch her blossom in her next role!

    Elsie, what are your thoughts on the 12 foot skeleton from Home Depot? Would you get it?!

  • So sad Keely is leaving ABM! Your podcast with her about updating your resume inspired me to refresh mine. I ended up getting the first job I applied for with it and am getting a huge promotion! I am so grateful for your team for always pushing our creative boundaries! Thank you Keely! Best of luck to you in the future!

  • What!? Nooooo Keely!!!! ???
    I mean it sounds like you have good things you are moving onto but we will miss you!!!!

  • I’m so sad keely is leaving!!! I love her!!! Happy and excited too though for you keely to follow your dreams!

    Ps I’m 100% ready for fall decor so keep it coming Elsie!

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