10 Things I Love Sunday

This week, my daughter and I spent some time in Chicago visiting with my husband (who is traveling for work), so she got to go visit grandma and grandpa who live nearby to get spoiled for a few days—and us parents got to have some time to ourselves (which all you other parents know is like pure gold!!).

I’m totally that mom who knows that breaks like that are good for everyone involved, but I also can’t help missing my gal the second she goes away!

Girl wearing pink beanie

1. This spooky season sweatshirt is so cozy and cute! Should I wear it with my ghost earrings or is that too many ghosts at once? That pink hat is super warm and cozy, FYI.

2. I know it’s still a bit until Christmas, but I’m ordering this address stamp for our Christmas cards! I always love when people have their own address stamp—it looks so fancy and you can use it year round which is great.

3. This looped cardigan may be the perfect cardigan for fall! That camel color is so pretty.

4. These leggings are actually the most affordable leggings I’ve had and also one of my favorite! The ginger color is so pretty and perfect for fall.

5. Does anyone else have Casper on their autumn bucket list this year? It was one of my faves as an early teen (can we give a shout out to Devon Sawa as the ghost at the end??) and I also want to rewatch What We Do in the Shadows as well.

6. We have been using our fire table a few times this fall on cooler days and I’m so glad we got one for this house too, since we loved having one at our last place.

It’s probably Lola’s favorite thing to do these days since she always gets to have a hot chocolate and snacks while we are out there … can you pass down a “love of snacks” gene?? I’m pretty sure you can. If you need some s’more set ideas, here’s Elsie’s ultimate list!

7. Next year, I totally want to do these floating witch hats over our dining table.

8. Looove this retro floral dress for fall.

9. I’m not usually wowed by socks, but how cute are these!?

10. Made these pumpkin muffins with Lola from a box mix (we added chocolate chips!) and they are so good! They are also gluten-free and grain-free, and they really checked the fall baked goods box for me (and you can make it into pumpkin bread if you want to rather than muffins).

I haven’t made these garlic and miso green beans in a bit and I’ve totally been craving them this week—green beans are always one of my fave side dishes.

I think in another week we’ll finally have enough leaves in the yard for a leaf pile, so I’m excited to rake some piles and let my 4-year-old dive in! Happy October! xo. Laura

  • I thought i was the only one obsessed with Devon Sawa /Casper!!
    named my son Devin lolol.

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