10 Things I Love Sunday

Hooray for autumn!!!!!! I love this time of year so much and I can already tell it’s going to absolutely fly by. Soak it up and take it in, friends. Here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. Did you know Hilary (yes, that Hilary!) has a new FICTION book out?! Already ordered my copy and I cannot wait to read!

2. I want to buy a puzzle (Trey is not sold). I figure I can just do it without him, but I bet he’ll watch me and then want to join in. Here’s the one I’m thinking of buying. Too hard?

3. My niece turns 12 this month. Whoa! That just flew by, I swear she was just 3. Anyway, I decided to buy her 12 gifts (just small little things since I miss her and I feel like 12 is a special year.) I bought her this hat, but what she doesn’t know is I bought one for me too. Ha!

4. Recently ran out of my go-to foundation and immediately bought more. I think this is my fourth bottle in a row, so that’s pretty loyal. I use Bare Minerals (my shade is Aspen 04).

5. Still love this white denim jacket I bought last year. It’s a staple. (See photo above)

6. Finally bought a new iPhone. It has been a while! I actually hate updating my phone, computer, and car. I’d rather use them until they completely die. But anyway, we all know the most exciting part of getting a new phone is picking out a phone case.

7. One of our lower kitchen cabinets has a lazy Susan, and it’s basically our pantry (we don’t have a pantry, so pretty much all our non-refrigerated food goes here) and it’s a mess. I bought these cabinet organizers and am hoping to make it slightly more functional soon.

8. Elsie and I got our nails done before we filmed our holiday special this past week (more on that soon!). I hadn’t gotten may nails done, well, possibly since my wedding over 8 years ago.

We went to Mara Lazzarini at Botox & Co. and she was ah-mazing. If you’re looking for someone in Springfield, Missouri, send her a message.

9. Do you follow Mrs. Hinch on Instagram? I am obsessed with all the “cleaning porn” (as she calls it sometimes). Ha. I recently bought her book of lists and can’t wait to start using it.

10. Jacki gave me this eye cream and I love it. I use it most mornings now. New favorite among all my creams. 🙂

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xo. Emma

  • I’m curious about if y’all do botox frequently? Is it something you’ve done for a while?

  • That phone case is super cute, but might I recommend a cute phone case that is also compostable when you’re done with it?? I’ve been using mine for over a year and I love its grippy, rubber feel while also knowing that it won’t introduce more plastic into landfills! https://pelacase.com/

  • I’m always up for a new eye cream rec! Do you use an eye primer with it (before concealer)? I just noticed that mentioned in the product description, but I’m not really a primer user (but maybe I should be!?). Thanks!

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