10 Things I Love Sunday

This week, I’m looking forward to cooking a mini feast with my kiddos (full disclosure: I’m mainly doing pre-made foods from Trader Joe’s and the greatest pie recipe of all time).

Our home is halfway renovated and I’m making it a point to enjoy all our holiday traditions and not put off making any memories until next year!

1. Here’s a link to my favorite Christmas sweater (I’m wearing it above). This one is amazing as well.

2. My favorite holiday collection is our tree full of vintage-inspired glass ornaments. The twist is that they are all food themed!

Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy: macaroni and cheese, anchovies and an everything bagel. This year, my big addition is this rotating tree stand (make any tree rotate like a 1960s dream!!!).

3. The leopard boots Marigold is wearing above make me so happy because she calls them “her raisin shoes” (she thinks the leopard spots are raisins). SO CUTE, RIGHT?

4. A candy advent I can get behind!

5. Madewell has 30% off this weekend (code: OHJOY).

Here are a few of my favorite finds: comfy slip on boots, a festive sweater, and the cutest fleece zip up hoodie. I have this knit hat in just about every color, and it’s my winter uniform.

6. I got this book for myself for Christmas (anyone else buy your own gifts??). It’s incredible!

7. My favorite coat is on sale.

8. A Chinese baking book. VERY excited about this book, as I want to learn to make mooncakes for Lunar New Year this year.

9. I shared our most loved holiday books for kids this week. Be sure you are following us on LTK; I’m obsessed with posting daily.

10. These quilted jackets stopped me in my tracks. Super cute! I think I like the checkered one the most.

In case you missed it, you can shop all our gift guides (all together) in this post.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! xx- Elsie

  • Hi gals! Love the post every Sunday and am also a longtime blog reader…..who will “fourth” the comment about Amazon links, so thanks for considering! Speaking of links is the link to the gift guide post working for anyone else? It keeps taking me to the 404. Thanks!

  • Also agreed re: Amazon! I understand affiliate links etc and lots of people use because of convenience, but it’s a shame to promote them more than they need. Long term follower! Sending with love

  • I love these lists and I look forward to reading them every Sunday. However, would you all ever consider not linking to Amazon? An alternative would be linking to the company’s website of the product you’re talking about. And linking to sites like Bookshop or ThriftBooks for books. Amazon treats their employees abysmally (low pay, no breaks, working them to the point of exhaustion) — even though the company is beyond wealthy and successful. I’m honestly disappointed anytime I see posts on your blog linking to Amazon — I’ve been a follower and reader for years.

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