10 Things I Love Sunday

This is one of the photos I included on our holiday cards we sent out to friends and family this year. Oscar’s angry little expression just KILLS me—I love it so much!

This week, I thought I’d also share a little confession … all the shopping I did on Black Friday was for me. Lol. I’ll share a few things I bought.

1. My favorite jeans brand was having a big sale, so I bought this pair and also this pair of jeans.

If you are short, have a bigger booty, and a small waist (and have never tried this brand) you should! I’ve never had jeans fit me better.

2. As you know, I’m obsessed with skincare products. I bought this moisturizer, this serum, and another moisturizer.

3. My son is just over 6 months old, and for us, my journey with nursing has come to an end. Lots of feelings!

But, since it’s been a minute since I wore a non-nursing bra (and my size slightly changed), I treated myself to five new bras from my favorite brand.

4. Oscar’s Santa jacket. You’re welcome.

5. My friend does pottery and it’s awesome!

6. Another friend sews kids clothing and they are adorable!

7. Bought Elise’s shell puzzle and I’m starting it this week. It’s challenging, and not a dinky puzzle you will finish in one night. If someone in your life loves doing puzzles, they need this one.

8. Recently bought this cute jacket and every time I’ve worn it, a stranger compliments it!

9. My favorite peppermint bark is back!

10. These are my favorite matte liquid lipsticks. I have a bunch of shades and wear one most days.

For me, they don’t wear off or smear as easily as other brands but the colors are still very pigmented (not super light, as I’ll just wear gloss only if I want a super light look). I feel like it’s a brand no one knows about, but should.

xo, Emma

P.S. Here’s a link to last week’s 10 Things Sunday in case you missed it!

Family photo by: Melody Anne Photography.

  • Thanks for the info! For some reason, I thought you were separated from your husband and getting divorced? Glad to see that didn’t happen 🙂

    • They were separated (starting in Sep. 2020) but I think they got back together, which is something I’m really happy about

  • What a photo! Congratulations on the nursing journey, MamaEmma!
    We have recently been doing a gingerbread house “family puzzle” with large, medium and small pieces so we am an all do it together, and I have been thinking, I need a puzzle for myself!
    Thank you for the links 🙂

  • I just ordered some of the peppermint bark and the chocolate tasting kit. We are having company for the holidays and I think the tasting kit will be a fun activity. I also ordered a few more third love bras during their Black Friday sales. Love that brand!

  • Thanks for the jeans recommendation. I am a similar shape to you and I could use some suggestions! Thank you~

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