10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello there! We had a huge blanket of snow this week up here in the Northeast, so we had fun in it while I also scrambled to order us all the proper boots/hats/snow pants, etc., necessary to be a part of the Winter in Pennsylvania Club again. It’s been a while, so I was underprepared since we’ve been used to a more southern winter season. I do love that they now make non-dairy hot chocolate packets (yay!), so I stocked up this week to be ready for the next snowstorm! Here’s what else I love lately:

I may be crazy trying to make a toy in time for Christmas, but I just couldn’t resist this easy doll pattern for Lola! It’s so cute. I think she’ll still love it even if she gets it in January, right?

Dreams of wearing this for New Year’s Eve …

Face masks for the holidays!

Got some of these to line our driveway with on Christmas Eve—if you haven’t done luminaries before they are so magical!

The warm shade of these leggings is perfect! Just what I’ve been looking for.

The secret to glowing skin! And perfect for a little holiday shimmer. I use it constantly but it especially makes my skin look less dull in the winter (Nova’s the shade I like best).

Gift set for the scrunchie lover in your life.

Made Lola some waffles in this during a snow day this week and she was thrilled!! They have this cute pattern as well which I love, but I want to make some waffles for Christmas breakfast so they will be perfect! Maybe served on these Santa plates?

I know how much Emma loves these running shoes and since that’s basically what I wear most of the time these days, I’d love to give them a try.

I think I’m going to get these as a housewarming present to myself in the sunset color (is that a thing to give yourself a housewarming present)?? It is now!

I feel like snow is always magical before Christmas and then annoying and depressing after Christmas (as I get antsy for spring), so I’ll enjoy it while it’s still putting me in the holiday spirit! xo. Laura

P.S. Similar red hat here to the one I’m wearing above!

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