10 Things I Love Sunday

We’ve had some milestones happening at the Gummerman house over the past few weeks. Lola lost her first tooth (made this Tooth Fairy Pillow for her and she loved it!) and she started her first ballet/tap dance class.

She looks so grown up in her dance outfit and bun, so I feel like she’s officially in “big kid” territory now and I’ve definitely cried about it more than once … #typicalmommove.

I basically spend the winter indoors waiting for it to be over (although we love Valentine’s Day, so we had fun decorating for and celebrating that), but there are a few things that have cheered me up this week as I await the signs of spring.

1. If you want to follow the brow trend and fluff up your brows a bit, I like that this clear gel fluffs them up, but it’s not at a crazy level. I’ve been using it with this thin brow pencil so you can draw on hair-like strokes for a more natural look.

2. Deciding between these braided or these ’90s-inspired sandals for our upcoming vacation this spring. Which do you prefer?

3. Speaking of vacation, I got this dress for the beach. So summery!

4. This is one of the most amazing kid’s books I’ve ever seen! The photos are so beautiful and there’s a button on each page that plays part of the opera as you read the story. Lola thought it was so magical.

I also like that they amended the story a bit so that the princess is a co-hero in the story rather than just a damsel in distress. There’s a whole series, and I have my eye on Swan Lake next.

5. Have you tried nail stickers? I know Emma loves them, so I tried these glitter ones last week and I was amazed at how well they stayed on (even through doing some home renovation projects). I’m going to try this one next!

6. I love basic bodysuits to wear with jeans, and I got a few colors of this one. You can layer them in the winter or wear them solo in warmer months.

7. Got these unique curtain tie backs for my office. Do you love or hate them??

8. Todd got me this for Valentine’s Day since I’m always cold (my friend Jenni told me about how much she loved hers) and I’m using it right now at my desk!

He gave it to me on a Saturday afternoon, and I basically spent the whole weekend with my feet in it … it’s amazing!

9. Got this checkerboard shower curtain for our new bathroom and I can’t wait to hang it!

10. Have you ever seen pink chai tea? It’s Kashmiri Pink Chai, it’s SO delicious, and you can get more instant versions like this which my husband and I have been loving. In a similar vein, this book looks so fun to make your own plant-based beautiful concoctions to sip before bedtime.

Also, I made this Easy Grain-Free Granola (Paleo and Gluten-Free!) for the first time in a while, and it’s SO GOOD. I kind of forgot about it, but I batch bought all the ingredients because it’s all I want every morning now. Yum!

Hope you are finding ways to make your winter a little brighter! xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s a link to last week’s 10 Things Sunday in case you missed it!

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