10 Things I Love Sunday

I don’t know about you, but lately I am feeling like … “we made it!” Daylight saving time has happened, and now it’s still light and warm enough after daycare that I can take Oscar on a walk.

And that makes me feel like summer is just around the corner, which also means I can go ahead and start planning our Halloween costumes.

Yes, I am that nuts. I didn’t choose the spooky season life; the spooky season life chose me.

Anyway, here are 10 things I’m loving lately, and only one of them is Halloween related (so you’re welcome).

Woman wearing green sweatshirt and jeans

Recently went to Palm Springs and talked about it in last week’s podcast episode. A few things I bought before that trip was this travel backpack.

I love the back strap that you can use to keep it upright on your suitcase handle. It has SO many useful little compartments (including a great spot for a laptop). And I like the look as well.

I also bought this seriously affordable and cute swimsuit. I wore it by the pool to read my sexy fairy book. 😉

In the photo above, I’m wearing our Team Cozy sweatshirt from our charity shop (all the proceeds go to Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Last month when I was feeling pretty low, I bought this set of Halloween mugs. And when they came in the mail, it was the BEST and also my husband was like, “What? It’s February!” Lol.

While in Palm Springs, we went to a Big Bud Press store in person (I usually just shop them online) and it was so cute!

If you have one near you or when you travel next, you should go. I own six pairs of their jumpsuits and love them so much.

I am currently reading The Paris Apartment, which took me a minute to get into, but then I was all in! Love a fun mystery.

I am still obsessed with my UPPAbaby stroller. We recently started using the front facing attachment (instead of the car seat attachment) and Oscar loves it so much. He loves people watching, ha!

For me, this stroller has been one of the best investments I’ve made, as far as baby gear goes.

A few weeks ago, I bought a Great Jones pan and have been using it tons! I love it, and I think it might be my favorite nonstick pan. We are actually working on a post reviewing a bunch of different nonstick pan brands, so stay tuned.

This is the spring/Easter outfit I got for Oscar, mostly because of the hat. Haha. We don’t necessarily have plans to celebrate anything, but I just like having a seasonal outfit to put him in for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s the little things.

Random, but I recently finished using an entire bottle of my favorite hairspray and bought another. I realized it’s the third time I’ve bought this exact same bottle (it lasts a long time for me).

We made a just-for-fun quiz! It’s called ‘What Nancy Meyers Movie Are You?‘ Tell me in the comments which movie you got (and I’ll tell you which one I got).

Hope you’re having a great weekend getting a little sunshine, and maybe seeing someone you love. Whatever you are doing, take care of yourself, friend! xo. Emma

P.S. Here’s last week’s 10 Things Sunday post in case you missed it!

  • I just read the sexy fairy book because of this post! I usually read nonfiction and serious books, this book was really fun! Thanks for the recommendation and keep them coming 🙂

  • I’m a little late to the party, but Something’s gotta give–a movie I love. I loved all the link suggestions that followed also 🙂

  • I got “it’s complicate” looove Meryl Streep so I’ll take it! 😉🥰

  • I’m “the holiday” (a great movie I’ve watched a million times) 🙂 When I saw you said you were reading “A Paris Apartment” I thought you meant the English translation of Guillaume Musso’s French book “un apartement à Paris” (an apartment in Paris would be a better translation). It is an excellent one if ever you want to give it a go (all his books are nice easy reads with mystery and thrill…..he’s the best French selling author for a reason and his books have been translated in many languages and some have even been turned into movies). Another French author I love is Marc Levy (same type of books as Guillaume Musso). I would assume they wouldn’t get much press in English speaking countries but they are also very popular in Canada (I’m French Canadian myself so I have all their books in French). Gives you options if you didn’t know about them.

  • “It’s Complicated”. I”m not surprised, I’ve seen this movie a dozen times😁 – Thanks for the fun quiz!

  • I am “It’s Complicated”. I have seen this movie and it was great. haha

    And Halloween mugs are so cute. I like it!

      • I got “Somethings GOtta Give” too! Which is hilarious because I feel like you are my twin personality. Funny side story–I was listening to the podcast a few months ago and my husband walked in the room confused because when you were speaking he thought I was talking. Apparently our voices sound alike too!

  • Well, I got “Something’s Gotta Give” which I didn’t really enjoy. I wish I got “The Holiday”. I love that one! Oh well. Those Halloween mugs are super cute, especially the ghost one.👻 Looking forward to the podcast tomorrow!😃

  • I got “Father of the Bride”! Which is a long time favorite of mine. Now I want to watch it. Have a great week ladies!

  • I got The Holiday! Yay! I’ve been eyeing those overnight cinnamon rolls 👀

  • Happy Sunday! I loved this quiz so much-I got “Something’s Gotta Give.” The ABM/Nancy Meyers subfandom brings me so much joy. It feels like a special club of cozy friends and I love it so much. Also, I think of y’all now every time I bake something and use my cake stand to store it 🙂

  • Longtime ABM reader here, and just want to say I always enjoy your posts and input on your podcast, Emma. Also, I had my baby boy a few weeks after you, so I’ve especially loved anything you post Oscar-related. 🙂
    PS- I got The Holiday! 🙂

  • I am “Something’s Gotta Give” which I absolutely adore! I also just finished reading The Sweet Live in Paris by David Lebovitz, and he actually went to dinner with Nancy Meyers to the restaurant they all end up at in the movie. So that’s two suggestions I should rewatch this movie for the umpteenth time!

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