10 Things I Love Sunday

Here’s what is generally happening with me lately. Life is really good. The weather is excellent and it’s prime going-on-walks-season where I live.

And, being a mom is the BEST. Everyday I am grateful I get to watch my son grow up. The next decade is going to be one of my favorites of my life, I can tell. Work is also good—there’s just a LOT going on.

And the last couple of weeks I’ve had knots in my stomach, and the only thing I can really figure out is it might be stress/anxiety related.

So, I’m living this weird duality where I am truly so happy and grateful, AND at the same time I’m a little worried all the stress (of the last however long) is catching up with me.

Life is messy. Mint tea and stretching kind of helps. Here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately …

Emma standing in front of rainbow colored stairs

-I recently bought this cheese knife set—it’s so cute! We’ve already used them a ton. The tiny axe is my favorite.

-Excited to read this nonfiction book. The title really speaks to me.

-I bought Oscar a new swimsuit since he already grew out of his one from last summer. I cannot wait for him to wear it, even if we only stay at the pool for 30 minutes. It’s just SO cute and hilarious.

-Anytime I’m watching TV on my own, I’m binging season two of The Home Edit. So far, I have teared up every episode.

I don’t know why, but it just gets to me every time they react to the organized space. And then I’m walking around my house trying to find things to organize.

-Confession: I bought another jumpsuit (in paprika). I own seven now, so it’s time to cut myself off. But I seriously wear them ALL the time. I even made a reel about my jumpsuit obsession.

-I wear sunscreen all year, but here’s your pre-summer reminder from your weird Aunt Emma that you gotta wear sunscreen every day. So make sure to stock up for this coming season.

-Some months ago, I got this square phone case (from an Instagram ad … I’m a sucker) and I’ve never gotten so many curious questions and compliments about a phone case before.

-I have too many gold necklaces already, but I still have this one in my cart (and it’s on sale).

-Last year, I pared down my cookbook collection (as it had gotten out of hand) and they mostly went to friends. Now I see them in their homes, and I sort of love it.

That being said, I really want to buy this cookbook. The hoarding begins again, I guess.

-I have some high-waisted black swimsuit bottoms that I love, but the top I wear with it is sort of annoying (the straps fall down a lot).

Thinking about buying this one to go with the bottoms, even though they don’t match. I think it’s cute, but I also feel like my son won’t be able to pull it off so easily. Lol.

Take care of yourself this weekend! Sending love your way. xo. Emma

P.S. Here’s last week’s 10 Things Sunday post in case you missed it!

  • If you guys are receiving money from Amazon then I get it, but if not it would be great if you link any book recommendations to https://bookshop.org/
    They support independent booksellers and you can actually choose a local/favorite bookstore to support. Thank you for your consideration!

  • I have the same square phone case! I am obsessed and get compliments all the time! 🙂

  • Hiii! This is a weird comment but I always have trouble with your links. I usually read your blog through the bloglovin app and all the links take me to google. I JUST figured out that I can see them by going directly to your website through safari, but I’m not always up for the extra step. I thought I would let you know in case this is a fixable problem. Thank you ladies for you A+ content.

  • You are always stunning but this photo of you is absolutely gorgeous! Love your posts thank you, all the way from Aotearoa, New Zealand xx

  • No joke- this morning, wile getting ready for a bike ride with the kids, (in Buffalo, not exactly the sunniest,) the thought of “weird Aunt Emma” made me out on my sunscreen! 😎

  • I once read that April & September are the most difficult months of the year for mental health due to rapidly changing light (in both directions). Can take a minute for our brains to adjust.

  • A bit random of a comment, but you should get your vitamin/mineral levels checked! I was having some similar issues and my Vitamin D levels were insanely low and I’m still working on getting them up, but I have noticed a difference in my energy and mood as theyve increased. 🙂

    Also, I live your jumpsuit obsession!

  • Emma – I always appreciate your authentic posts. Life IS messy, but you finding the joy in the inbetween space is encouraging.

  • I too have been feeling a little off lately. I feel many people are saying this right now, and I think it’s us coming out of the pandemic. Where I live, in San Diego, it’s pretty much just back to normal – no masks (even for kids at school), not much Covid reported on the news, etc. And with Covid fading to the background comes the return of the hustle and bustle, and I think it’s a lot to go back to, sort of suddenly even though overall the pandemic has been very long-winded. So many of us have been sheltered, separated from others and social/crowded situations, and it’s just plain difficult to get going again. Now, it’s easy to fill your calendar, but then when it comes time to dart here and there, I think that’s when it gets tricky. I think we’re all adjusting, and we’re not really talking about that adjustment and how uncomfortable it can feel. Also there’s the question of how much we can trust that we really are “going back to normal” (knowing normal is really a new world now), as we’ve had so much yank-around with the pandemic. It’s just a really interesting transition phase, and we gotta take it easy.

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