10 things i love Sunday!!

1. fisheye photos…


(i love Leigh-Annnnn. this photo makes me so happy! )

2. old photos…. i just found these & i have been carrying them everywhere with me for a few days… love thinking about these memories.


(dolls my grandma & great grandma made)

IMG_6768 IMG_6766

(the two people i love most in this whole world.)

IMG_6776 IMG_6769

(my lifelong best friend….)




(& things that never change….)

3. who is your favorite character from ‘The Office’?

Mine is Toby. 🙂

4. cut off thrift shop dresses…. 😀 sometimes i accidently cut them wayyyy too short & i have to wear them with jeans.

Photo 331

5. new stuff in el shop.

Rachels-headband 3305030275_be3aeb9a1b


6. Charley Harper

7. mr. johnston

8. my baby brother…


ha! this is from Vanessa’s 22nd birthday (it was a dress up party… ‘scene dream’!). i haven’t had a chance to edit them all, yet… but here are a few.

IMG_6406 IMG_6390

9. minnetonka moccasins.



10. and these!!! earrings.

(love fast food inspired accessories this season!)


that was fun…. i am going back to a little kit packing & then headed to my parent’s house for Sunday night dinner! XOXO. Elsssss

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