10 Things I Love Sunday

Elsie's bedroomHi, friends. 10 Things I Love Sunday was one of the first blog series I ever wrote way WAY back in the old days. I haven’t written this series in more than five years—but recently everyone on our team started randomly texting me saying, “Hey! You should bring back 10 Things I Love Sunday.” OK, I said! Why not? I love hunting down pretty things on a weekly basis, so why not share them here?

1. Disco balls as decor. I have this 12 inch one in the photo above and just ordered this 8 inch one for the playroom window. PURE magic, you guys. So pretty!

Oh, and here’s a link to that pink sheepskin you guys are always asking about.

2. Ordering this pool float for summer. It’s the best. Although… I kind of love this one too. And Jeremy will probably say I need neither one (uhhhh pool floats are a “want” not a “need”… duh).

3. Little Octopus.

Little Octopus NashvilleOne of our favorite spots in Nashville just opened a new location, and it’s gorgeous! It’s probably the prettiest happy hour spot in town now. I felt like I was in a fancy scene in an 80s movie… very cool. Going back soon for cocktails! Photos via domino

4. Ordered two of these within an hour of their launch. I’m a true fan. Congrats, Bando!

5. Pink places to visit across the globe.

6. I’m going to try out shopping seasonally (only 1 time per season) for spring. Kind of inspired by the whole capsule wardrobe thing, which I will probably never fully do, but I like the idea of doing a big shop, and then taking a break from it and just wearing what I have… I really need to learn how to be more creative with mixing and matching.

Anyway! Here’s one dress I pinned that I love and will probably buy for spring.

Oh—and if you have any suggestions for places to shop online, I am ALL ears.

7. Where to stay, eat and shop in Joshua Tree, California. 

Stacking Rainbow8. Wooden Toys.
Man, oh man. I am really obsessed with wooden toys. This pastel rainbow was one of the first I collected (primary rainbow here). This little forest kills me. And I just picked up this little swan a few weeks ago. And, honestly, so far the whole Holztiger line of wooden animals are my favorites. Oh, and I just bought this from Etsy… so cute!

9. This room is just incredible. Wowzers!

10. The Good Box
My friend sent me this box last week, and wow… it was just so special. I was browsing the site and I LOVE this concept. There’s a box for pretty much any occasion or personality, and each one is so beautifully curated. My faves are the hot toddy box and the caffeinated box… adorable!

Well… that’s all for now. I hope you have a lovely and very relaxing Sunday! And for anyone who is interested, I’ve been sharing our adoption story here. xx -Elsie

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