10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi, friends. Happy Sunday! I have so many things I am loving right now… it’s hard to narrow it down to ten.

For April I’ve been doing a shopping freeze (not buying any clothing or makeup), and instead I am spending my time cleaning and organizing what I already have in my home. It’s going great so far, and I am already feeling really inspired!

1. If you are into essential oils, I found this really pretty marble organizer for them. I love beautiful ways to organize!

2. Love this $5 planter hack! Perfect for spring and my undying plant obsession.

3. A cocktail recipe I can’t wait to try.

4. This sweater is so comfy. Perfect for spring on those random chilly days (and let’s face it—all summer because people blast the AC wayyyyy too much in public places).

5. Listened to S-Town podcast this past weekend with Jeremy and WOW. I don’t exactly know what to say about it that’s not a spoiler, but it’s a crazy story, and we were absolutely glued to it. We kept inventing more errands to run so we could keep listening to more and more episodes together.

6. I just previewed this book, and it is SO good. Going to share a full post on it very soon. Pre-order here.

7. The most amazing swimsuit. I can’t wait for an excuse to wear it! Ban.do is killlllling it this year. It’s actually hard to keep up with the amazing stuff they keep putting out.

8. Looking forward to trying some of this black framed Instax film.

9. Big Little LiesI loved this mini-series! If you haven’t seen it yet, it is so, so good. I’m sad it’s over. I felt lucky to be one of the few people who hadn’t read the book and didn’t know the ending.

10. Currently reading Make It Up (a book about making your own makeup from natural ingredients). Obviously, this speaks to my DIY-loving soul. I feel so lucky to live in a time where people can and do put their hearts into books like this. It’s a very special thing.

Also… some of our best friends in blog-land have adopted a baby! I’m dying over the IG stories.

And one more thing… I am starting to plan our babymoon, even though I don’t know which season we will be going. Here are some of the options I am thinking… Tulum (especially if we can hit baby turtle season by chance!), maybe the Royal Hawaiian or the pink sand beaches in the Bahamas. I think I am putting off committing because it’s fun to just pretend we’re going to all the places. Haha.

Hope you have the best Sunday! xx -Elsie

ps. My purse in the photo above is vintage, but they make replicas of it new at Cult Gaia. I wanted one so bad last year, but I promised myself to wait six months and see if I could stumble upon a vintage one, and I did one day in Nashville for, like, $20. I was so thrilled!

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