10 Things I Love Sunday

Or as my niece would say, “10 Sings I Love Sunday.” 🙂

1. “What my home really looks like” by Justina Blakeney. Definitely one of my favorite posts in my blog reader for quite some time! What I took away from this post was a lot of encouragement that a home can be both beautiful and “real” at the same time.

As a blogger I am used to the fact that my home is more perfect in photos than it is for real, but I enjoyed seeing someone else’s everyday home SO much. I am going to follow Justina’s lead and photograph one of these “real life” home tours for you soon.

2. Just pulled out my HOCUS POCUS hoodie for fall. (You can get a hoodie here or a tee here—they GLOW in the dark too!)

3. A rainbow mirror. I would totally buy this, but I am running out of walls! Maybe it’s perfect for your home?

4. I love baskets like this one to hide my plastic planters in. This one too.

5. So happy for our friend Ashley of Sugar + Cloth! And loving these beautiful maternity portraits.

6. How cute are these dinosaur pillows?

7. My friend Andi’s book came out this week! It’s called Wanderful.

8. We visited New Orleans this past weekend! Our favorite spots were Cane & Table, Cafe Amelie (you have to go at night and when it’s nice enough to sit on the patio—totally magical!) and Pisco Bar. But honestly, we had SO MUCH good food—it was insane. It was definitely one of the best foodie trips we’ve ever been on!

We didn’t stand in the Cafe Du Monde line because it was bananas. Respect to anyone willing to wait in that line, but I don’t think my marriage could have survived it. Haha!

I truly loved New Orleans and already cannot wait to go back!

9. These panda shoes don’t come in the right size for Nova, but someone needs them for their baby. SO CUTE!

10. I just sent this book to China for Nova and it makes me the happiest knowing she’ll be getting a package from us soon. I asked if I could send her a Halloween costume too (hahaha), but they said no.

Outfit details from the photo above: Dress/Free People (size down), Sandals/Seychelles, Sunglasses/UO, Bag/Ceri Hoover.

Happy Sunday! Elsie

  • My friend is the manager of Cane & Table and it was a staple for my NOLA trip earlier this year!!! Amazingly good! That city holds a HUGE piece of my heart <3

  • I loved this little roundup! I visited NOLA a few years ago, and yes, the line for Cafe Du Monde was insane…but it was totally worth it for me! Sounds like you got your fix of delicious foods anyway, though! I would LOVE to see a “real” home tour!

    Mia | http://www.verymuchmia.com

  • When I saw your picture in this post, I was like, she must be in NOLA!! Glad you had a great trip. I live here and still find new places to go all the time. PS next time you are here and want to try cafe du monde, go down the street to the Riverwalk. You won’t get the atmosphere or experience like the OG location but you will get delicious beignets in your belly 🙂

  • Re: Cafè du Monde.
    We went in there on our way back to the hotel after a night out, at about 1a.m, and ta dah, there were no lines/queues! Chocolate milk and beignets was just what we needed at that time of night! Really glad you enjoyed Nola, we had a wonderful trip there last year too, there’s definitely something special about that place. Actually, we did – and thoroughly enjoyed – the food tour on cruiser-bikes on the recommendation of your sister’s article about her trip years ago.

  • I’m obsessed with Cafe Du Monde and HAVE to eat there at least twice a day when we’re in NOLA… the trick is going to the walk-up window on the right side of the building. There you can get a to-go bag and coffee and then go sit on a bench nearby. Sometimes this line also looks intimidating but it goes crazy fast…and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a waiter will “work” the line and go get you your order for a tip! Totally worth it!

  • Hi Elsie!

    My husband and I are going to New Orleans for the first time in the spring and I’m definitely noting down your recommendations! I’d love to hear any more you have as we are newbies to the area! <3

  • Hiya
    After read it I think, you fully enjoy your Sunday. I am very lazy girl and in Sunday I have only sleeping. But Reading this blog I think I am fool. But now, In upcoming Sunday I will enjoy and going outing with friends.

  • My hocus pocus shirt came this week! I can’t wait to wear it =o)


  • Elsie,
    So cute, love the dress! seriously considering it.
    Also, I’ve been taking your Blog Life e-course over the past month and I’m really enjoying it, specifically the content planning, inspiration and tips!

    • Hi Hilary!
      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the class! Let us know if you have any questions! xx

  • You pups look so sweet! Love checking out these links on a sunday <3

  • Andi’s book looks like fun, a little something different! I love random lists like these, thanks for sharing.

  • Oh, Elsie, as soon as I saw the sweet picture of you on the porch, I thought, “that looks like a NOLA house!” So glad you enjoyed your visit in the city and especially the food. Just an FYI, there’s a Cafe Du Monde beignet mix available, if you want to make them at home, no standing in line required. And, they’re really tasty with a Cafe au Lait! ?☕

  • I LOVE those baskets!! I didn’t think to use them to hide plastic planters, but I might have to start doing that now! It’s definitely a more creative use than storing blankets.

  • Those panda shoes are adorable!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Great round up Elsie! I’m dying to get my hands on one of the Hocus Pocus tee shirts!


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