10 things I love Sunday! (& 4th of July photos….)

Photo 585
ready for new cuteness? let’s goooo!

1. Corn dog air freshener.

2. The return of PonyParty
Picture 3
Picture 2
3. french press coffee. 
who knew? so amazing. 
Photo 584
4. this quote….
“one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” 
Oscar Wilde

Picture 7

6. these cuuute foxes. found them here.

Picture 8
Picture 9
7. my new Toms shoes.

8. amanda blake.Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12

so excited to see this issue. 
10. toast. 
Photo 589
this week is off to a wonderful start! today i have been listing on the rva site and writing out ideas and goals for my week. yeah!!
a few 4th of July photos with Jeremy’s family… 
Hope your weekend was lovely & full of magic. 
  • elsie you look so pretty in your pictures! and thanks for all the cuteness!!!!

  • diana… i don’t know very much about coffee either. i just know it’s made differently & you get 2 cups (at least where we go..) so we shared. 😀
    you should order it & see if you like it. i usually don’t love black coffee, but this was great.

  • I know it’s just bread but I love the image of the toasts! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. It certainly looks so 🙂

  • Diana, A french press is the BEST way to drink coffee! There is no filter so basically you grind your coffee super coarse and put it in the french press with some hot water. You brew it for 4 minutes then push down the handle/screen and that pushes the grounds away from the water. So you are left with coffee in its yummiest form with no paper filter to steal away your yummy oils from the beans. Hope that explanation helps. You can order one of your favorite coffee at Starbucks and it’s only like $5 if you wanna try it. Like elsie said, it does normally make like 3 or 4 cups depending on the size of press you get so take a friend! Oh and you should get it with a pastry. Ask your barista to pair up a coffee and pastry for you. I’m telling you it’s an awesome experience when you have say like Arabian Mocha Sunani with a double chocolate brownie. You might think you died and went to coffee heaven!

    SO delicious! I work at Starbucks and drink a french press everyday! It makes me happy.

  • Cute pictures! And oh man, I LOVE french press coffee. Me and the hubs always share a french press when we go to our favorite coffee shop. We bought a press around Christmas time and we haven’t used our coffee pot since. It really is the best way to make coffee. I usually drink an entire french press of coffee before I leave the house each morning. Don’t be surprised if you never go back to regular pot-brewed coffee!

  • The TOMS are so comfortable. I love them. LOVE them. I have the silver TOMS, but I call them my fairy-god-mother-in-training shoes. Like a training bra – only cuter.

  • Are those Fox wall hangings for sale anywhere? My son’s name is Topper Fox and I’m always searching for Fox stuff for him.

  • You guys are really soulmates… that´s not common in this world.. I am happy for you

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