10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello friends. It’s time for another 10 Things I Love Sunday!

1. I’m obsessed with this productivity set that Emma created. It’s exactly what I need right now to keep my week on track.

2. Still obsessed with my Fujifilm X-T2 (you can read my full review here). When we went to China, I only took my iPhone, which was really freeing for me and I don’t regret it at all. But lately Nova can’t even SEE my phone without wanting “her songs” playing and it’s getting more difficult to use it as my main camera—at least for the moment. So I have been pulling out my Fujifilm camera a lot more and I’m excited to spend a lot more time learning it this season. I will definitely take it with us on our next vacation.

3. I loved Joy’s office tour. All the mixed patterns made my eyes SO happy.

4. This is random, but I LOVE these 8 greens tablets. They’re perfect for traveling and busy days. In my perfect world, I go get or make fresh organic vegetable juice every morning, but that’s nowhere near my reality at the moment. So little things like this help a lot.

5. Definitely going to need this mug for my collection.

6. This rainbow photo shoot on Design Love Fest is SO pretty!

7. I’ve been buying these t-straps on Etsy for Nova. They’re so cute and I mostly love them because they’re easy to put on. She wore them almost every day in China. I just picked up a few new pairs for spring.

8. My sister-in-law gifted us spill-proof snack cups at our baby shower and BOY do we love them! We use them for 100% of her snacks if she’s not in her chair.

On that note, can anyone recommend a sippy cup with a soft straw that does not leak? (Or any sippy cup you like that does not leak; we’re open to options. We haven’t tried these cups yet either.)

9. I recently finished this book and it was SO inspiring. I have a list of changes I want to make (slowly and one at a time) to create a more green home. The book is a little old now (it was published in 2009), so I thought some of the product recommendations were outdated (there are just SO many great companies now), but it was still a great read and I still learned a LOT. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is interested in learning simple ways to eliminate a lot of household toxins and create less waste in your everyday life.

10. This Palm Springs home has SO many epic moments. Gah!

Oh! And since I know someone will ask, here’s a link to Nova’s swan dress (I love this company, but their dresses run very large. On the plus side, she’ll be able to wear this dress for several more years.), her custom jacket (This was a baby shower gift and I’m so happy she asks to wear it ALL the time.), and her tiny Dr. Martens. (These are one of the best pairs of shoes because they’re hard for her to get off, and she’s always kicking her shoes off from her stroller or in the car seat.)

What are you loving this week?? I love hearing about things you are into and recommendations for things you think we would like. I always LOVE reading the comments on this post every week. xx – Elsie

  • I don’t have any kiddos but work with them for a living/have nephews & it isn’t a cup with a straw, but they do super well with those munchkin cups you linked. My mother in law was actually just saying they are awesome because the boys with throw them around even and they don’t leak. Good luck!

  • We swear by the Avent no-spill sippy cups with a straw. The lid closes over the straw. They are amazing.

  • Love that mug, too! Oh the great sippy cup hunt! We love the ones that are similar to what you linked (yet to try) but we get them in a stainless steel base — especially for milk, I like that it keeps the drink colder, longer! LINK –> http://amzn.to/2D9OO0m

  • I love the Munchkin stainless steel 360 cup. It’s not a straw, but it’s soft and they’re learning to drink out of a glass (without it making a mess!). I’m glad it comes in stainless steel now, too. I’ve tried too other steel sippy cups for my kids (not comfortable with plastic) and it’s as leakproof as the others – none are perfect unless they’re impossible to clean!
    We already have an almost completely nontoxic home, so my goals for this year are bringing my own cup instead of using cafe to-go cups, and using my own bags at the store MUCH more! Hopefully for produce too.

  • Congratulations to your daughter, I’ve followed the adoption process since you first announced it. What a rollercoaster that must have been, but the result is wonderful! All the best for you and York family!
    We’ve had this sippy cups and they were absolutely great. But no straw… perhaps you’d like to take a look,because I personally never liked the straws 🙂


    All the best from Europe ????

  • Hands down the Tommee Tippee cups. They have several stages (Straw, sippy, water bottle…) and NEVER leak as long as you put the valve in correctly. They also have double insulated walls so drinks stay colder, and the lids are universal so they fit on any of the cups. We have cups from when my oldest was little that are still being used three kids later.

  • I have a 7 month old who loves drinking from cups. And the munchkin miracle cup is awesome! If he throws it off his highchair then sometimes liquid spills out, but hopefully Nova is past that.

  • I am loving the new face wash/face cream I got from Pink House which you guys recommended a while back! I was in the market for new products so thought I would try them out, and love that they are Canadian. My skin seems happy with them after a week of use! 🙂

  • The munchkin 360 miracle cup you linked is the best, my daughter (just over 2) carries them around and they don’t leak, plus they don’t have many pieces and are dishwasher safe (and actually get clean in there unlike a lot of other sippy cups).

  • No offense but it’s amazing to me how much children’s clothing can cost and that people pay these prices. Especially when they’re only going to wear them for “like” 5 minutes. I don’t even spend that much on myself. Maybe if I had, had girls…….????

  • We got the munchkin spillproof cup for my son and it hasn’t ever spilled (except with pressure change on a flight). We love it!

  • I highly recommend the Munchkin cups and they’re all I use now; I never feel like I get the straws clean with the others. I did use one with a straw on the airplane to help with the pressure changes. The sucking motion prevents their little ears from popping.

  • I’ve heard good thinks about the contigo water bottle. Pricy but don’t leak. The 360 cups leak too much for us, they leak when thrown (or basically spray across the room) and when they get older they leak when set on there side. My son is the same age as your daughter. We have played around with so many cups. It’s hard!

  • I highly recommend the munchkin 360 cups. We dabbled in soft straw sippies for a long time and completely transitioned from bottles when we went to the cups.

    For water we use a camelbak eddy (he’s been using it since around 8 months) and for all other liquids we use the 360 cups (or open cups now that he’s 3).

  • Hi Elsie! These are the straw cups we use for my daughter (she’s 16 months):


    It’s the Munchkin click lock weighted flexi-straw cup. These weighted straws are THE BEST because it keeps the straw in the drink no matter how she holds the cup — even upside down. I think they make them for bigger kids without handles too, not sure if Nova would prefer with/without handles. The only warning — due to capillary action (science! ha) you can have fluid leak out the straw tip if you leave it sitting open on the counter, which typically happens for us with cold milk but isn’t usually a problem with water (there’s a pic of this in the customer reviews if you can’t picture what I’m describing). If you’re on-the-go or if the cup will be sitting on the counter for a while, just close the lid and that problem is solved. We love them. We also like the Munchkin 360 cups you linked, I think those will be great for my daughter Freya once she’s a tiny bit older.

    Good luck — and congratulations, Nova is a dream come true! 🙂

  • You don’t really need a sippy cup! The 360s are OK if you think you really can’t do without it (since they mimic the same drinking pattern or a normal cup), but kids can figure out how to drink pretty easily. I used a few kitchen prep “cups” that are stainless steel – they look a bit like egg cups – and started with a little bit of water inside. Toddlers can figure it out quite quickly and then from water you could try milk and even smoothies. They’re small so even if they spill it’s not a big mess. For “on the go” just get a water bottle for kids with a spout like the kleen kaneen – no straw needed!

  • Hey Elsie, I just got a camera really similar to the one you link to on this post and was wondering if you had any recommendations on small handbag-looking camera bags? I am trying to find something cute and small, but failing massively! Loved the ones you collaborated on, but they are far too big for what I am looking for. Any recommendations?

  • My sister in law swears by the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups. She uses them for both her girls (baby & toddler). She had them with her here at Christmas and I was like HOW does that even work?! It was amazing No straw, but they didn’t leak at all and the youngest is into dropping things on the floor like no tomorrow. Haha.

  • My 21 month old uses those cups and we like them okay. If they fall, they do spill so their “spill-proof” claim isn’t totally accurate. My son also figured out he could lift the silicone top and dump the water out. We have liked them well enough that I haven’t bothered trying to find alternatives though.

  • 360 Trainer cups all the way!! It’s the only kind of sippy cup we have and we only use them when she’s got something other than water away from the table. Water and meal time we use regular cups and she’s been able to drink for herself with them since 6 months. The 360 will leak a little if they are dropped to hard on the floor, as the suction will release, but it’s only that initial impact so it won’t continue to flood if you don’t notice it right away.

  • My 16 month old son has been interested in straws since before he could use one. We love the munchkin click lock weighted straw cups. But if you’re using them for anything but water, clean them often. They do come with a flexible straw brush, too.

  • The 360 cups are awesome! It’s helped our daughter (18mos) learn how to drink out of a real cup without spilling. Before those, we also used other Munchkin straw cups. The weighted one is awesome because they can tip it any way and still get drink out of it (the trick is then learning that not all other cups work that way!). And they also just have plain straw cups and they are all spill proof. (There are still some drops that get out as there is always a bit of water left in the straw past the valve, but it’s very minimal).

  • The sippy cups you haven’t tried yet are awesome, they never leak. It does take a bit of getting used to for the kiddos, but once they get it they are so easy.

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