10 Things I Love Sunday

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Last week, we were snowed in most of the week, which I happened to love even though it changed ALL my plans. I spent my extra time at home hunting down healthy recipes and organizing some of our spaces, including Nova’s room (above) and my closet.

1. I ordered an air fryer this week and so far we love it. We have been cooking tofu and potatoes to make them crispy (using zero oil). Do you have any favorite recipes?

2. I started shopping for our California trip later this season and found the most flattering swimsuit. When does that ever happen on the first try? Haha.

3. Love these earrings.

4. Looking forward to trying this recipe this week.

5. We’ve been planning out our 2018 travels. I’m excited to embrace traveling with Nova in this season of our lives. It’s different, but it’s so inspiring!

6. The perfect boot for spring?

7. Excited to shoot this sky blue Instax film this weekend.

8. Mustard yellow hunter boots.

9. Thinking of getting Nova this dress for her first Disney trip. Do you dress up your kids as characters for Disney?

Speaking of Disney, I am sooooo excited to use my new Oh Joy + Calpak suitcase! I got the confetti one.

10. If you’ve wanted one of those vintage-style bamboo handbags, here’s a crazy good deal on one. And a white one too.

Happy Sunday. xx! Elsie

  • Love this! Simple yet effective, and so interesting to see what you are currently loving! I don’t have kids myself, but I think dressing them up for Disney is really cute and necessary! xx

  • Yes, I do dress my kids up for Disney! Mostly just in Minnie or Mickey clothes, but I love that Alice dress! Check out the Mini Melissa Alice in Wonderland shoes! ????

  • That Alice dress is perfect. I’m 30 and is still wear it (I can’t resist a Peter Pan collar). Nova will look adorable in it! Alice was always my favorite, since I was a toddler.

    As far as dressing up for Disney…. that’s half the fun, in my opinion! I have three sons, so I’ve been mulling over family Peter Pan costumes, or even a possible Alice group ourselves, with the boys as the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and White Rabbit. Putting the outfits together makes the wait more fun.

  • Love all of these Elsie! Nova dressed as Alice would be a cuteness overload 🙂 Are you going to do an update on your closet organisation any time soon?- I’d love to see it. I’m in desperate need of storage ideas! How is the winter capsule wardrobe experiment going? xx

    • Hi Janet,
      Yes- I am working on the closet now. Will post about it so.

      I ended up skipping my winter capsule because I didn’t have time (or mental energy) to shop before or after China (I’ve just been wearing whatever and not really worried about my clothes these past two months). But I am planning to do a TWO season capsule for spring and summer… so excited!! I’ll definitely post about it. Thanks for asking!


      • Yay can’t wait, thank you so much! Aha, I did wonder if that was the case- I think that was very sensible, after all you’ve had something rather more important to think about just lately 😉 And now you’re a mum you have to conserve energy where you can! You always look amazing though! Fashion-wise I’m all about comfort and practicality and I don’t even have kids yet haha. I’m really looking forward to seeing your spring/ summer capsule. Also may I just say how glad I am to see Nova looking so happy and settled. I know it’s early days yet for all of you, and you must still be adjusting to your new life together with all it’s joys and challenges, but seeing the photos of you guys together on your insta makes my heart go as gooey as s’mores!!! Best wishes xx

  • Almost everyone dresses up. Make sure you get the disability pass. Will help with some of the lines (specially since some if them can be in the sun).

  • My daughter wore her Frozen T-shirt but that was all we did. We were booked solid seeing characters and riding rides I can’t imagine trying to change her clothes in between all that! However I did have a friend who did have her daughter change per character and the pictures were cute. I’m a minimalist mom we were there to just have fun!

  • I’m a new mom (9 month old baby) and I was definitely worried about traveling with a baby. We take at least 2-3 trips a year. But so far it’s been great! Sure it takes a little longer to get ready and we definitely carry more stuff but I love bringing her everywhere we go. We are doing Disney in March and she has her Snow White costume ready to go!

  • I lived in OC for 8 years, which means LOTS of Disney trips. I think a cute little outfit would be perfect for Nova! Kiddos who dress up get special interaction from cast members and characters (especially the character they’re dressed as!)

  • I have never really cared about luggage until I saw Oh Joy’s new line! I ADORE the confetti design, it’s so cute and fun.

    Also, I don’t know about Disneyland, but I recently visited Warner Brother’s Movie World and people of all ages were dressed up as the characters! It was awesome to see. Nova would look SO cute in that Alice in Wonderland dress too! ☺️

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

  • Air fryers are amazing!! If you’re open to vegan recipes, JL Fields is a fantastic “real world” chef and she has a book called The Vegan Air Fryer that has yummy, easy recipes. Her website is jlgoesvegan.com—I think she’s got some recipes posted there too.

  • I’m a big fan of your website- you ladies are absolutely fantastic. Could you please let me know where you got the rabbit wallpaper in the picture of Nova’s room? It is ADORABLE. Thanks so much!!

  • I love the Alice dress but would wait for the elaborate dresses until she’s older. She will probably remember it more and less likely to stain it with all the amazing Disney treats.

  • Love the Alice costume! Especially the “homemade” look, as opposed to a “store-bought” costume. I have a son, and he was most definitely not into dressing up for Disney. I’d say it depends on whether or not you’re going to Disneyland or WDW, and when. Summer in Florida is hideously hot, and I’ve seen poor little tots absolutely miserable and melting in their costumes. Take a change of clothing with you, in case she gets fed up and be sure and scope out Alice’s location so that you can get that photo with her and the Mad Hatter. Have fun!

  • That Alice dress is simply fantastic! I checked out the shop, and her work is amazing.
    We dressed up my daughter for our trip to Walt Disney World — she had just turned four, and I made princess dresses for her to wear each day of the trip. She was (and is still) obsessed with princesses, and it was magical for her (and I lived vicariously through her !!) I have some photos of the dresses here…https://vegetablog.wordpress.com/category/project-princess-dress/

  • I love these “10 Things” posts! Y’all always recommend so much fun stuff to check out. Gina at SkinnyTaste uses an air fryer all the time – you might want watch her IG stories (if you don’t already), because she posts stuff frequently from her air fryer!

  • Make sure its not too hot of a day if you put Nova in that dress for Disney. I’m sure its a nice dress, but with the heat and humidity it may not be the most comfortable thing for her to wear to a theme park.
    Absolutely adorable for tromping around the resort, dinner, or just a quick stop at the park though.
    Have fun!

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