10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello, friends! Here’s a current view of my office, which I have been trying to get completed enough to photograph for over a year … haha! It’s the one room in our home where we throw ALL the junk every time we have to do a quick clean before someone comes over and it’s just taken me an embarrassingly long time to make this room a priority. But once I finally got it to a good place it was AMAZING how much more pleasant and organized my brain felt during work … captain obvious, I guess. I will be sharing the tour here in the next week or so!

Anyway! Happy Sunday and here are 10 things I am currently loving …

1. I’m currently doing a spending freeze and I wanted to buy these shoes soooo much, but proud I stayed strong. Maybe they’ll be the perfect summer sandals for one of you instead!

2. This has been a good year for music for me! Last year, I was mainly obsessed with old music, which was a good education but I felt a little out of touch with what was new. Recently Frank Ocean’s cover of Moon River is pure magic to me … I’ve probably listened to it 40 or 50 times. And Lana Del Rey’s cover of You Must Love Me from Evita is *so nostalgic* to me … Emma and I memorized the soundtrack from the movie in the ’90s.

3. I just replaced my planner that just ran out with a Bando planner. They are always upping their game. I picked this floral design.

4. Soooo Nova’s birthday is coming up soon. It’s her first one since we’ve been together. We spent so long trying to decide what kind of gift to give her. We wanted something that would be fun for summertime. I love this pink pedal car (it’s SO CUTE), but we decided to get an electric car. I’ll share photos after we give it to her … way too excited!

5. Altering vintage dresses.

6. I’m loving following this renovation and this one too. When I’m not renovating, I love following my friends’ renovations even more—it fills the gap. Haha.

7. Love this duvet cover.

8. Out of all Nova’s toys, this swan is still my favorite (and I love collecting these wood toys even though she doesn’t really play with them yet …)

9. This peach caboodle is so pretty!

10. Thinking about this tile for my next project.

Oh, and our essential oils are now restocked! Be sure to stock up soon if you have been waiting. Anytime you make an oil purchase of $50 or more, we include these cute label stickers for free.

Happy Sunday! xx. Elsie

  • You’re so sweet for sharing our renovation! I love learning more than just my mom is following along, haha!

  • I should totally go on a spending freeze too!
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

  • Love the star tile, but woops, it’s out of my budget range for flooring! However, wouldn’t it be great as a door mat sized space at the back door? or front door for that matter.

  • I love that white piece of furniture, I need a similar one. Lovely office!

  • I’m on a spending freeze too! So many things I want to buy haha! love your office!

  • I’m with you on the music thing. Last year I didn’t listen much to new stuff, but this year has been great for new album releases for sure that I’m connecting too. Janelle Monea’s latest album is my current fave, but I do love Moon River and am currently checking out Frank Ocean’s version as I type.

    When I was little I always wanted an electric car, but never had one so I bet Nova is going to be so STOKED. And I look forward to all the adorable insta stories and pics of her driving about.

    • I love Janelle Monae’s album as well! We listen to some of her old songs with Nova (the ones that are ok for kids LOL) her favorite song is Yoga.


  • That dresser looks amazing for organizing! Where is it from?

    • Thank you! I talk more about it in my office tour (which that post just went live!) xx!

  • I know I should go on a spending freeze myself, but I just can’t do it! I’m 25, a few years into working and really don’t have much financial responsibility (renting, live in big city so no car, no kids, etc.). Always loooving these lists Elsie.


    • LOL well you don’t have to! Don’t feel guilted. I mainly do then when we are saving up for something big or when I am trying to minimize our belongings (doing both now) but life is about balance! xx

  • I love the duvet cover! So cute! ❤️❤️
    Hope you have a great Sunday, Elsie! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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