10 Things I Love Sunday

We had such a fun weekend last week having my family in town for a few days. The weather forecast was calling for rain every day earlier in the week, so I was a little worried, but thankfully we had a pretty beautiful (although way too hot for May!) weekend and got to take them around to a few Nashville spots (the 12 South area is a great place to eat and shop if you’re in town sometime soon). Lots of lattes, pizza, and a big selection from Five Daughters donuts so you could say we definitely made the most of our time, and I’ve been trying to eat well this week to make up for it all—ha! Those times are so special since we all live far apart, so you have to make the most of it while you can. Here’s what else made me happy this week!

1. Those side table lamps are soooo pretty! Mid-century modern design in all the best ways.

2. I’ve been drooling over this for my living room—it’s absolute perfection! I think mirrors always help to give a room a bit more dimension in addition to being wall decor as well.

3. We had our official birthday party for Lola this past weekend and while I kept it pretty simple since it was a small family party, I couldn’t help getting her some fun balloons and these cute plates to just have a few special details.

4. Been wearing these all week—I love a good over-the-top pair of sunnies.

5. We are doing our annual ’60s party in the summer this year instead of the winter so we can do a family cookout theme! Usually we do an adults-only thing so people can have a fun night out, but since there are so many new babies this year between our friends I thought a family one might be fun, and then we can have the kids dress up too! I still have a lot of planning to do, but I should probably make these again for the party since they are so delicious and they’d fit the theme perfectly!

6. Since we had family in this week we made a big brunch on Sunday and my Mom and I made a batch of these for everyone. They are perfect for a brunch-type gathering because they are super easy to make and they always come out delicious, even if I made the dough the night before to make the morning a bit easier—a family favorite for sure!

7. GAH!! This swimsuit!!!

8. I started using this lately to train myself to sleep on my back since back sleeping can help reduce face wrinkles if you’re the type of sleeper that usually mushes your whole face into the pillow like I do (Elsie suggested it since she has one and loves it). While it will probably take a bit to get me used to it after years of sleeping a different way, the nice thing about this pillow is that it has a side-sleeper “C” shape on one side so that if you do end up on your side, you’re still getting less face smushing (I’m pretty sure that’s the medical term for it) because of the cutout.

9. We just had our first salad this week with all the greens coming from our garden! So far only the lettuce, kale, and a few herbs are ready to harvest, but hopefully in a few weeks we can add in some peppers and tomatoes, too. I’m trying to make gardening as fun and as easy as I can so far, although there’s probably a million things I could do to make the plants grow faster/bigger etc. Right now, I’m easing into it and doing it a little more low maintenance to get acquainted with the whole setup and maybe later I can learn all the good tricks once I have the basics under my belt!

10. This color-changing cocktail is drinkable magic!

Going to be setting up our inflatable pool this week and I can’t wait to see Lola play in the water at this age. She’s definitely still a bath-loving girl and liked being held in the pool last year as an itty-bitty baby, so I think this year is going to be even more fun! xo. Laura

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