10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi friends. I hope you are having the best weekend! Here are 10 things I am currently loving …

1. Hocus Pocus tees (and sweatshirts) are here! I’ll wear mine at leasttttt once a week for the next two months. It’s my favorite season!

2. I’m currently reading this book before bed and it’s making me SO excited to eat (and feed Nova) different fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for a way to just get excited about healthy food, I recommend it!

3. This llama bonnet is so sweet.

4. Llama plush (Nova is having a llama moment, so apparently so am I—lol).

5. Definitely my next essential oil diffuser (that could double as a night light).

So so so excited to launch the new oils we’ve been working on later this fall!

6. Love these vases!

7. Excited to celebrate Autumn Moon Festival with our local Chinese adoptee friends this weekend!

8. Kelly’s adoption posts are so interesting to read. Love hearing other adoption stories because it really is true that each one is unique!

9. So, my whole life, I wore random mismatched pjs until last year—I randomly got some cute pjs from Madewell and never looked back. How did I not know how good matching pjs feel? It’s such a simple luxury. I love it! These are next.

10. The cutest Halloween garland. Love this color combo!

P.S. In the photo above, my romper is from Madewell and our mailbox is from Rejuvenation.

I feel like I need some new Etsy shops. Who do you love??

xx – Elsie

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