10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi friends! Now that Halloween is over, I’m shifting focus in by brain to the other “most wonderful time of the year”—the holidays! And I do realize a few of you are like, “Too early!!,” but when you’re a blogger with photo shoots already scheduled, trust me, it’s never too early. And to be honest, I actually enjoy working a little bit ahead of real time on things like that because I’ve noticed it takes me at least one to two weeks to get our house fully decorated for the holidays. I always want to keep adding a thing or two.

Anyway! That’s what I’m working on this week. 🙂 Here’s 10 things I am loving!

1. So excited to make Llama and Alpaca (shaped—lol) holiday cookies.

2. Have you listened to the Sleeping At Last Podcast? I love his episodes about the enneagram! I love the songs, too.

And if you don’t know your enneagram type, take a test here. It’s so fascinating!

3. Loving Taylor’s Autumn Family Mix Tape.

4. I just got a few extra earring holes pierced and I love these Etsy earrings.

5. Jonathan Adler’s new home line for Amazon is bangin’. This rug, this vase, this eye sculpture and this buffet with mirror are a few of my faves. You can see the whole collection here.

*Jonathan Adler, if you are reading this, my offer still stands to become best friends!

6. I ordered two packs of these star decals for holiday decor. We used them at Nova’s birthday for doors and random walls and they are just so whimsical.

7. Adding this sweater to my birthday list.

8. Love these jams for Nova and these too. Augh, I can’t wait to buy matching jams for little sis.

9. Coffee & then more coffee.

10. I ordered a BFB up the first day they came out and they’re seriously the greatest invention ever (lol—well in the hair extension category). My hair is finally long enough that I don’t really wear my extensions, but it’s nice to have some extra length for a ponytail, a braid, or extra volume for a messy bun.

Oh! And since I know someone may ask … Nova’s dress is from Pink Chicken and my dress is from Reformation. Also, I blogged a little update about our second adoption here. xx! Elsie

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