10 Things I Love Sunday

We got a bit of an early start on our holiday decor (I actually do every year, I just sometimes hide it until a more “acceptable” time—haha). It’s just part of being a blogger, I guess. Next week, we are shooting our holiday home tour and I really wanted to.

1. Family pj’s (we’re wearing these!) Nova is OBSESSED with matching us and if we don’t match she says, “Awwwww, we not matching!”. So, I will probably get another pair or two, to be honest. Love these and these too.

2. The holiday tradition I am most excited about this year is probably Elf on the Shelf. One of our good friends gave it to us for our baby shower and I’ve been looking forward to it every since.

3. I like to do my holiday shopping super early so I can get it out of my mind, so I’ll probably finish it all this week. For Nova’s big gift this year, I am doing an Ikea play kitchen hack (see Laura’s here). I am OBSESSED. It’s so fun to choose all the little finishes and play food. I’ll share more in an upcoming blog post.

4. Loving this Etsy shop.

5. This kiddo bedroom is soooo cute.

6. And this adult bedroom is soooo cute.

7. I kind of want some classic Dr. Martens—I got some for Christmas in seventh grade … haha … might have to relive that ONE part of junior high this year. I actually think I still have a pair of Dr. Martens mary janes from high school somewhere. Maybe I should just dig around for those …

8. We already started playing A Very Kacey Christmas for Nova … so excited for her to learn all the words!

9. This month is the BEST Oui Fresh Beauty Box … it’s SO good.

10. So so so excited about this pj set.

P.S. I’m doing an adoption Q+A series this month on my family blog in honor of National Adoption month.

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