10 Things I Love Sunday: Affordable Art Ideas

Affordable art ideas Happy Sunday, friends! Today I want to share some ideas for affordable wall art. While I’ve been dreaming for years of starting an original painting collection, I haven’t even dipped my toe into those waters yet. So far, I’ve played it pretty safe buying mostly art prints and reproduced pieces to fill our walls. Prints are affordable and a great way to discover your style or not invest too much as your style evolves. Art prints can make a huge statement and really complete a room!

1. Watercolor Print via AneWall Decor on Etsy ($129.00). Love this print because it’s HUGE. It really makes a statement and looks amazing from a distance. It’s available in a variety of colors too (although I would pick the pink!).

Blueline No. 22. Blueline No. 2 via Artfully Walls ($36.50+). Obsessed! This piece inspires me so much.

Amy3. Amy via Artfully Walls ($19.50+).

Cactus print4. Cactus Print via Polly Rowan ($54.79)

Custom portraits5. Custom Portraits for $30?! Whatta deal, you guys. I’m gonna order some.

Feet art print6. Feet Art Print by SR Paper Works.

Orchid7. Orchid via Artfully Walls ($24.00+).

Il_570xN.2160651858. Perfect Twist by Debbie Carlos ($50). I had a couple Debbie Carlos prints in my last home. I love them because they make a statement for a really affordable price. Large scale art can really help to pull a room together.

Il_570xN.532512440_a5eb9. Abstract Heads by Boriana M ($30.00+). Love all her stuff!

Il_570xN.672444971_72be10. Night Swans by Nina Invorm ($27.59). Love this piece.

By the way, I wasn’t sure what to cap the prices off at it since “affordable” is such a relative term. So I chose the pieces on a case-by-case basis depending on their size. I consider them all a good deal. 🙂

Shopping for art prints is so much fun. I can’t wait to fill our new home up with art! Happy weekend!! Elsie

  • Love these pieces! Super inspiring for my next decorating project

  • such beautiful art! And where is that light fixture in the first picture from? It immediately caught my eye!


  • Yes I totally agree with this suggestion! Also ART WALKS!! You can get great local art thats so so affordable and you are supporting local artists as well! win win. Also Ella thanks for that blog recommendation, what a great find! I love all the abstracts you recommended!! Also instagram is a great way to find and buy art too, thats where I sell most of my work!

  • The custom portraits are so unique. Not sure if it’s my style but I would make it work for only $30.


  • LOVE these!! Much much better than the exorbitant prices I’m so used to seeing everywhere for some wall art! When all else fails, I always fall back on photography with funky matting or frames.

  • Great suggestions. Thanks for introducing us to Debbie Carlos – what wonderful/affordable prints!


  • I loved this post, I love how “easy” some of these are to recreate or to do your own version with the same technique, I need to make my room more exciting so these are some brilliant ideas, thank you! 🙂 xxx


  • Oooh, exciting. Do you post your work online? Would love to see it. And if you are into watercolours and in case you haven’t come across it already you should check out the brilliant Doodlewash blog. They have guest posts featuring loads of different artists (all centred around watercolours).

    Ella x

  • I love that feet art print! The colours would go great in my bathroom!
    There is so much affordable art out there that sometimes I find it overwhelming to trail through it all and find things I like, so I always love posts like this that point in the direction of certain prints or artists. Thanks for sharing!

    Inma x

  • Love the intense huge graphic watercolors. They are perfect for my house staging. They say to (potential) buyers, ‘you, too, can live in this hip, happening space!”
    If I’m looking for more traditional styles of art, I go to ArtPal artists like this one: http://www.artpal.com/jeffatnip/ Cheap, inexpensive ORIGINALS from artists who might be famous one day *wink*.

  • Yes! I’m an illustrator and I love it when clients ask me to do something special for them! It’s a great collaboration!
    I do watercolors, so I love those first watercolor options the best! It is such a versatile medium!

  • the portraits are pretty awesome!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  • hey,

    your website has a spam type glitch when I use it on my iphone. It reloads to an android webpage then redirects me straight to the app store. Thought you might like to know so you can fix it 🙂

  • Love them! Very interesting, pretty and simplistic 🙂


  • I’m in love with this watercolour print, that would be a great DIY project as well, wouldn’t it?

  • These pieces are beautiful! So bright and funky.

    Nihaad – the little blog of STUFF

  • The custom portraits are so fun – love this idea!

    Christina | www.cuddlepill.com

  • Those custom portraits would make great Christmas gifts!

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • Wow these are all so super cute. Definitely putting in some orders to fill more of our walls! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • *SAVES* Loving all the ideas in this post x

  • Thanks for sharing! I love looking at art pieces I can actually afford for my apartment!



  • Im a big fan of Society6 for affordable prints, and you can get different sizes to

    Also on Etsy you can find digital downloads, which means you can print the art yourself at home or in a store, and then you can change the size for your home or office, whatever you want!

    Elsie what other photographers are you or Janae into?

  • These pieces are adorable! You certainly don’t need to spend a ton of money to have some great artwork in your home.

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  • Ooooh love this! My favorite is the first one. It looks like a cotton candy cloud.

  • I made the mistake of asking in the Photographers Gallery in London how much the prints cost. ‘From £1,000’. ‘Er, ok, maybe in a few decades’.

    Great ideas in here. Another great way to get affordable art that I found recently is contacting illustrators who blog. It seems like a lot of them will do original drawings as commissions. And the best bit? The prices are remarkably reasonable, as in not much more expensive than your picks above. They aren’t as big, of course, but you get something just for you which is pretty exciting in itself. I was beaming ear to ear when I opened my custom aardvarks print this weekend! Definitely getting more in future that way.

    Now.. I’m off to investigate whether that gorgeous swan print you found ships to the UK!

    Ella | www.breakingupwithcontraception.com

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