10 Things I Love Sunday: Affordable Art Ideas

Affordable art ideas Happy Sunday, friends! Today I want to share some ideas for affordable wall art. While I’ve been dreaming for years of starting an original painting collection, I haven’t even dipped my toe into those waters yet. So far, I’ve played it pretty safe buying mostly art prints and reproduced pieces to fill our walls. Prints are affordable and a great way to discover your style or not invest too much as your style evolves. Art prints can make a huge statement and really complete a room!

1. Watercolor Print via AneWall Decor on Etsy ($129.00). Love this print because it’s HUGE. It really makes a statement and looks amazing from a distance. It’s available in a variety of colors too (although I would pick the pink!).

Blueline No. 22. Blueline No. 2 via Artfully Walls ($36.50+). Obsessed! This piece inspires me so much.

Amy3. Amy via Artfully Walls ($19.50+).

Cactus print4. Cactus Print via Polly Rowan ($54.79)

Custom portraits5. Custom Portraits for $30?! Whatta deal, you guys. I’m gonna order some.

Feet art print6. Feet Art Print by SR Paper Works.

Orchid7. Orchid via Artfully Walls ($24.00+).

Il_570xN.2160651858. Perfect Twist by Debbie Carlos ($50). I had a couple Debbie Carlos prints in my last home. I love them because they make a statement for a really affordable price. Large scale art can really help to pull a room together.

Il_570xN.532512440_a5eb9. Abstract Heads by Boriana M ($30.00+). Love all her stuff!

Il_570xN.672444971_72be10. Night Swans by Nina Invorm ($27.59). Love this piece.

By the way, I wasn’t sure what to cap the prices off at it since “affordable” is such a relative term. So I chose the pieces on a case-by-case basis depending on their size. I consider them all a good deal. 🙂

Shopping for art prints is so much fun. I can’t wait to fill our new home up with art! Happy weekend!! Elsie

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