10 Things I Love Sunday: Etsy Home Edition

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

A couple weeks ago I shared some of my favorite wearable things from Etsy.com and I promised to be back soon with my favorite home things. And in all honesty, this is one of the most FUN posts for me to write because I’m an Etsy enthusiast and try to buy all of the “personality pieces” either from Etsy or vintage. So this is REAL EASY. I’ll just quickly share ten items that I’ve either bought or intend to buy soon. Sundays are for shopping, am I right?

1. Vintage Brass.

Above is the door knocker I purchased earlier this spring for our new home. I picked it up from The Wild World, a really great shop with excellent photos. You can get something similar here, here or here. I often search for vintage brass things on Etsy. Some of my favorite searches are for cacti, horseshoes, clovers and hands. I got Jeremy one for his new studio door too (it has its own outside entrance). I’ll share it after I give it to him, but I’m saving it for a housewarming gift.

Eye art prints2. Art Prints

I bought 90% of the art in our home from Etsy, and I’m sure it will be the same in our next home. The other day I stumbled on these prints from Confetti Riot (they also have some amazing pillows), I love how simple they are.

String of pearls3. Plants

Did you know you can buy plants on Etsy? I’m not sure how Nashville will be in the plant department (please send any recommendations you have!), but in Springfield, there is a very strong on and off season for plants, especially succulents and cacti. That’s why in early spring every year I go absolutely MENTAL when Lowe’s and Home Depot finally stock up. But then about 2 weeks later, it’s completely barren again. Booo!

I know you big city dwellers might not relate with these problems, but finding unique plants, big cacti and pretty flowers that aren’t roses in Missouri is actually not easy.

Naturally, I was thrilled when I saw my favorite string of pearls plant for sale on Etsy from Succulent Treasures (and for a reasonable price, year round—pinch me!). Just search for any hard-to-find plant you’ve always wanted and you’re gonna thank me! It’s pretty rad. Here’s another good shop.

Cactus Light Up Sign4. This Cactus Sign 

While we’re on the subject. It’s SO CUTE. I have to find a place in my home for this.

Palm print pillow5. Palm Print Pillow.

A little palm print never hurt anyone.

Marbled Ceramic Bowls6. Marbled Ceramic Bowls. Ugh—the new cookbook project has me just slightly obsessed with shopping for kitchen pieces.  01/ And Many has so many pretty things!

Crystal Collection7. Crystal Collection. Structure Minerals has a super pretty selection.

Sidenote—when the big picture of renovating a house overwhelms me, I always plan some sort of little detail to chill. Like a pretty bowl of minerals on the entry table. Small, pretty details are so comforting!

Pretty dipped mug8. Everything at Paper and Clay is so pretty and gift-worthy. I especially love this Danish mug and these hanging planters.

Pom blanket9. This pom blanket. It’s just so pretty.

Amazing wallpaper10. Last but not least, I’ve been considering this wallpaper for a space in our new home. What do you think? I’ve already changed my mind 100 times. Why is wallpaper so difficult to commit to?

Sigh. That was FUN! If you know of any amazing home goods stores on Etsy, please leave me a link in the comments! I’m always on ze hunt.

xx. Elsie

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