10 Things I Love Sunday: Pillow Talk

Pillow TalkHey, friends! I’m just over here unpacking boxes. (So. Many. Boxes.) Moving has definitely brought out the online shopper in me. There’s something about focusing on renovations that makes you really long for fun purchases. And I would most definitely file pillow shopping under fun. 🙂

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite pillows from one of my favorite online shops, Lulu & Georgia. They have the best pillow selection I’ve seen anywhere on the internet. If you follow me on Insta, you know which one of these is my muse for our sunroom decor. Not quite to the fun phase on most rooms yet, so I’m enjoying the dreaming/wishlist/idea collecting phase!

Anyway…come pillow shop with me.

1. Sweet Daisy Pillow 2. You & Me

Pillow Talk 3. Lush Leaf Pillow 4. State Pillow

Pillow Talk 5. Watercolor Pillow 6. Crosses Pillow

Pillow Talk 7. Trina Turk Novato Needlepoint Pillow 8. Trina Turk Calico Needlepoint Pillow

Pillow Talk 9. Alegria Home Otomi Pillow 10. Melika Pillow

That was fun! 10 Things I Love Sunday is my zen post. I feel so chill and peaceful after I write one. Haha! Hope you enjoy them too. xx- Elsie

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